Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


It’s good news.
But be careful that fraud might take use of it.
Amazon think about it so that good policy can be in its long way.


What about the [Valid Tracking Rate]? Is it serious for us if the VTR too low?


finally be a human bebing


Not suspend your account NOW,but in later.OK,If it is,Amazon is not a real person,but it is a real dog.


Finally we got a good news for sellers. And Amazon has finally turned to the sellers this time.


Hello, is this policy only for US?or all of the Amazon marketplaces?


I am going to read this news again in the morning with a cup of coffee :crazy_face: our ODR is 0% having said that this is a great news! thank you :pray:


Thank you very much!


@amazon_news and what about your 15% commission? Can’t you do something about that? You’ve helped out those making payments, now how about helping out those of us who don’t have a loan with you and still have requested help? Would be a great thing to do. Just in my opinion.


It took 4 days for my “violations” to come through. By then I already submitted a POA and just guessed. I wasn’t even close. I was “price gouging” by adding the average shipping into the cost of the products and putting free shipping. Got hit with 4 violations. I was already losing money at that price but I had the products people needed so I figured why not merchant fulfill them and help out. Been suspended for two weeks now, even though I appealed and gave them invoices. Seller Support is MIA and not responding at all. Had to file for unemployment. If it wasn’t already hard enough right now, not having an income just makes it harder.


Account is still suspended, amazon does not reply.


Wow am I really on Amazon right now? Speechless. I dont really have a shipping problem right now but thank you!


April Fools, everyone … no, wait, that was 9 days ago.

Very unlikely to affect us, but congrats, Big A, for doing something right for a change.


I never thought Amazon would be so considerate, thank Amazon!!


Taking it at face value - Amazon “pausing” suspensions just means exactly that - suspensions paused but implicitly means they’ll close sellers down after this “pause” is removed.


That is great news, but our account is still suspended how do I get the suspension lifted. I already have filed a couple appeals. Our account has been suspended for about a week or more and still no response


Why not use and request a pick up? Actually the post office prefers it that way.
And I agree with your final comment.


knowing amazon everyone will be suspended on may 16


This is great news unless they have paused your payments pending a velocity review. Maybe these should be put on hold as well since some of us have had a surge in sales, just like Amazon has. Of course they are taking their cut while they investigate my account for fraud, which there is not any. We have been selling for 11 years on Amazon and this is the first time this has happened. Already our sales are getting back to normal, but they continue to hold on to my funds. I cannot even buy inventory to replace what has sold. They have now opened all my sku’s back up to send to FBA, but with no money I cannot buy anything to send up.


I just got two emails from amazon telling me Your selling privileges have been removed.

I am wondering if this is an error, because my metrics are strong and there is a new policy of not suspending accounts.

I can not reach customers support. Any ideas?