Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


Forum is back in the SC!


Wonderful news!


Honestly, for those who complain the following we have to say that instead of being grateful & thankful there are some who will complain no matter what Amazon does.
In case one forget, Amazon provides you to earn awesome money & you do have to play by their rules.

No one is perfect but they’re doing better & everything changes for us sellers is welcome &

Thank you Amazon.

In case you forget, you " Work for Amazon" & do not forget again, You earn a Very Good earning cause of them & their hard work"

Stay safe & make a lot of money


I’m appreciative that Amazon has done this. I’m surprised they posted it publicly. Me thinks some will abuse the leniency we have been given now that they are aware.


Yup… I’m afraid by the time everything is back to normal, I won’t be able to ship (since IPI drops so low). :grimacing:


I’m thinking it would have gone better if they didn’t tell us about this and just enacted it behind the scenes. I wouldn’t normally feel that way about a business change but I fear bad sellers will take advantage now that they are aware that they can. As for me, I am greatly relieved from the stress and I truly appreciate it. My numbers have stayed excellent, SPF metrics right in line where they should be, but I have been living in terror as always as an Amazon 3p seller.


Wow! Amazon putting the seller before themselves?! :thinking:


Account under review for too much velocity… Well yeah the online sales went up! Never had any account issues and been on Amazon for years. WTH?


Yes, this situation is extremely frustrating and only a recent issue.

We used to simply cancel an order for a customer anytime that it was requested. That is obviously the best customer experience. “I want to cancel!” "Ok, cancelled. No problem! :slight_smile: "

Currently, here’s the exchange that occurs over and over.

SFP Performance:

“For Prime orders, a customer can cancel an order up to 30 minutes after placing it with no action required from you. If a customer wants to cancel an order after 30 minutes and contacts you for order cancellation, then ask him to contact Customer Service instead of canceling the order yourself. By doing so, you avoid a negative impact on your cancellation rate.”

The next time a customer emails cancellation a request:
Our Reply based on above SFP Policy: Thank you for contacting us! As per Amazon's cancellation policies, cancellation request of this order must be made to Amazon directly. Amazon can be reached via your online account (chat or email) or via phone. Amazon will provide excellent service for you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Next message from the "Customer"

We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below.

Reason: Cancel Order

Details: The order has not yet shipped and the customer has asked to cancel the order. Please cancel the order immediately and refund customer.

Customer Service Department


THAT is one team who needs to be fired…completely.
That team should NOT be in India, run by 15 year olds who barely understand
what they are reading.
Although I’m happy they have put their toe in the water, there’s so much more to this…


Our account being suspended, please reactivate our Amazon Seller account. Thank you and stay healthy.


We’ll likely never know if Amazon thought it had a valid reason now, but here is pleasing news on the Seller Forum front:

Many in our Seller Community feels that Amazon doesn’t listen to our complaints - but this is another example that that’s not always true.


thank you Dogtamer for the update
I do believe - actually I KNOW Amazon does listen.
There are several people in the executive team who really are trying to move mountains
for sellers. We appreciate them more than they could ever know
Thank you Susan (moderator) for moving this part of the mountain.




What about negative feedback resulted from cancelled orders and late deliveries during this period? Shouldn’t those be removed as well?


that should be a no brainer. And all the paid out A to Z claims. buyers are filing a claim when an item is one day late, then the item arrives the next day (a postal inspectors dream…)
There used to be a comic (I’m dating myself)
“There Outta Be a Law”…sure aint’ one here.


Thank you!!!


True. Shipping performance is slipping at the post office, although I am tremendously grateful for those clerks who have elected to stay at their jobs. A plastic screen barrier just was installed at my post office to help separate clerks from receiving parcels (must go through a doggie-door type exchange). I have had my Amazon Buy Shipping availability inoperative for 2 months and oo one at Amazon can figure it out…so I MUST go to the post office. Meanwhile 1000s of people get sick or die each day and the President twiddles his thumbs.


A pause is not the same as amnesty. Ebay is offer an amnesty, order defects will be ignored for now. A
“Pause” just means “We will not act on the ODR for now”.


Nope, this is a Pause in consequences. It is no different then the courts being closed. People facing criminal trials are “on pause” right now, they are not facing consequences for now, but they will in a few weeks.

Once the Pause Button is clicked off, the SP human bots will tasked with a huge backlog, and its always safer to hit the BAN button, then the skip button since Amazon has BAN quotas for SP workers.