Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance

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SAME! No reply or nothing


Good news, only thing is buyers leaving negative feedback for cancellations and late shipping.I’m assuming won’t be removed.


Excellent news…I cancelled ONE order and immediately ran into the 2.5% mark today with just that one order. Was starting to worry about it as business slows that it may cause that to go to 2.7 or something BEFORE the 7 day period passed and it returned to zero as we typically dont cancel orders but had an issue with an out of stock that was purchased locally the same day before the amazon inventory could be adjusted accordingly.


What about IPI Performance Index is going worse and worse affecting our performance meter? Since Covid-19 started in USA Performance Index is just going down and down every day because amazon is shipping our units in 30 days and the CTR and CVR on our Sponsored Products Campaigns are getting destroyed because the customers do click the ads and when they see Amazon delivery time in 30 days they do not purchase the product. By doing this they just kill the seller performance campaigns and all performance meter of the account.


We have created a new seller account.
But unfortunately Amazon suspended my account and deactivate at the same time.of next day.but Amazon also charged subscription fee$39.99 .
Amazon deactivate my account Now we want refund my subscription fee.
We have raised a ticket on same time 19march Also dropped email many times but they don’t any reply.
So please help m how can we getting refund my money and make sure Amazon not charge further time’.how can we remove my Bank account details.
Please help me how can we getting refund.
Looking forward your reply.


Bad sellers will take advantage of this.


This has no affect on your IPI.

Cancel the ads.


Hey this is great news. Thank you very much for this.


Thank you for this, this saved our account for sure.


Yes it does have affect on IPI. Delivered in 30 days will Make the products stay in stock and not being sold for awhile and they will kill STR. As for low STR also will have excess inventory which is another number killing your performance index.

As for canceling the ads we know this and it is easy but we want to sell and not just watch Netflix and have Excess inventory.


How about suspended SFP?


great news , in difficult times…thanks AZ

  1. You mix few things:

…but they were sold !
Checlk this also on your inventory performance page " IPI score calculation update

As of January 20, 2020, your IPI score reflects both your recent and long-term inventory performance. For more information, visit Inventory Performance Index (IPI) calculation change. IPI score calculation update


What about the negative feedback resulted from cancelled orders and late deliveries during this period? Shouldn’t those be removed as well?


It has happened to me in the past as well.When I wrote my appeal for reinstatement, I was told the we have to refer them to Customer Service… Seller Support has now said that we should cancel and screen shot the message and send it to


Yes thank you, Amazon. Just wish I had known that 3 weeks ago - it would have been so much better, so much less stressful and so much cheaper for me.


I agree. I was deleting items like sanitizer and disposable gloves when inventory got low so we wouldn’t have cancelled orders, and now, that I’ve had my inventory replenished, I can no longer list them.
We have masks, face shields and sanitizer just waiting to be sold. I’ve listed them on other marketplaces but they don’t get nearly the volume we would have on Amazon.


This is great news. I don’t have any issues with our account, but suspension on this site have been out of control for too long. Hope this encourages people to become entrepreneurs and sell on Amazon.


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