Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


This will be very helpful since Postal Service is having trouble with not enough employees and shipping is running late. Customers are not understanding that. Getting a lot of complaints for orders being late. i am doing my best to get orders out on time and risking my health and my family’s health by taking packages to post office.


My SFP privileges are still suspended for cancelling buyer’s orders after they requested cancellation. It’s been a week.


Believe it or not, today I’d already pencilled in making sure I’d downloaded February and March fee invoices and payment summaries for accounting purposes. I used to download once a quarter. These days you just don’t know - anyone could wake up one day and boom, find out you’ve been locked out of your seller account. Anyway I’ve done that now so I can sleep easier, and will do monthly from now on.


And then on May 16th… the Strong Right Hand of Amazon will smite them all.


It’s About Time You Consider Us A Valuable ASSET, AND DO SOMETHING FOR US.


there’s a lot of doom and gloom on these forums, but I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel :wink:


We’re shipping just fine. Be nice if you would too since you have 3/4 of our inventory sitting in your warehouses. I have FBA orders over 2 weeks old just sitting there. They sit a week, then get cancelled.


Now if Amazon would stp charging me everytime Amazon on a FBA misses the shipping window I would appreciate it. As it is now When amazon can’t get it there on time the customer gets a refund, the money comes out of my account, which I get back 45 days later, after Amazon charges me a restocking fee. FOR THEIR MISTAKE. These are hard times for all of us but I pay for my mistakes. I pay for amazon;s mistakes. It is just not right.


Heck, now this is impressive. I never thought Amazon would allow such thing, which will help many many honest sellers.THANK YOU AMAZON for being understanding in such world emergency. If you’re reading this Bezos, thank you.


This was nice. Extra nice would have been not having these issues count against our metrics so that when May 16th Rolls around suffering metrics won’t cause immediate suspension.


Thank You Amazon - A Thinking person should be rewarded for this!


So let it be written…so let it be done!

Thank you Amazon! :clap:



Thank you Amazon! It won’t be enough to please all but it sure put a smile on our face…we’ll take it! :grinning:


Our account is always at least 15X times below every metric for order performance and yet we’ve had our account suspended 3 times in last 4 years. First suspension was for making variations (connecting white and black, 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM HP chromebook listings together). Second suspension was for incorrect brand (even though we had brand registration, were meeting all its requirements and had letters from Lenovo, HP and rest of brands giving us permission to do upgrades and sell under our brand with our warranty. 3rd suspension accidental and they admitted such. They intended to suspend our Canada account because we took 2 weeks to refund 2 orders (but it took that long for said laptops to get back to us from forwarder) but they hit wrong button and suspended our USA account which cost us $1M sales for the 4 weeks thereafter as 80% of listings are gated under our brand so losing availability 3 days during Labor Day weekend hurts their search index badly so sales in future are sacrificed in addition to time account is down. Now they are threatening to suspend us for variations again for deskop listings that have choice of different CPUs but we showed them that over half of their best sellers had variations with CPU option most of which Amazon 1st party created themselves so either they are misinterpreting the rules or everyone including they are breaking them. Needless to say, Amazon will still suspend businesses in this time of crisis and wreak havoc on said businesses livelihood. This announcement means nothing. Amazon is judge, jury and executions. Very much about what they do is unfair. This is coming from account owner with volumes that pays Amazon $13K+ in commission fees plus $7K in sponsored ad revenue for $20K+ per day in pure profit each day (aka $7M+ per year pure profit). Small volume or in our case very large volume - it doesn’t matter. Amazon will not treat you very fairly. We have the livelihoods of 60 employees that we’re responsible for and we are always in fear of account suspension. This announcement is a joke and doesn’t reduce risk of unfair suspension in the least.


We are in same boat. Tell buyers to go to their order history and click drop down for requesting cancellation and refusing shipment if its too late. Tell your CS team to do same. My CS team just made this same mistake after I warned them in months prior not to cancel but tell customer to do so. Now its going to take over 2 months of no cancellations just to get out of the red for SFP cancellations < 0.5%.


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You can still be suspended for listing violations, counterfeit or trademark violations and a host of other violations for which they have entire team in India dedicated to finding and suspending. The big red button to suspend is available to every person on that large team that works in shifts. There is no oversight no checks and balances. They aren’t even trained up well on how to interpret the policy so chance of being suspended for false positive is still very very high. Also, they always suspend after business hours on Friday and ramp up the suspensions on long holiday weeks so maximize the number of days your account is down and you are losing much needed revenue.


Precisely. I would have been much more elated to find out that they were pausing the use of their Used As New bots and related suspensions. Even pausing counterfeit/TM bots and related suspensions would be a greater cause for celebration. Those 2 falsely accuse and execute way more competent sellers than on-time shipping and cancellation rates ever will.


FINALLY Amazon is doing something for the seller… I risk going to the post office every day so I don’t get late notices, and am still being threatened with being bumped for ridiculous things like the Vanity Fair magazine with the “Parasite” Oscar winner being considered virus-promoting, and the Johnny Depp movie “Blow” being considered selling drug paraphernalia (YES, I HAVE APPEALED BOTH OF THESE TWICE AND THEY ARE STILL LISTED AS DEMERITS ON MY ACCOUNT!) I haven’t worked in a month now and depend on this as my soul source of income and every day worry that Amazon is going to wipe me off for a stupid reason… it has happened before. Anyway, this gives a little life raft until the big wave hits us, or until the ship brings us all down.


Thank you Amazon


I’m not sure, but my score dropped from 500 to 450 about 2 weeks ago.
There has been no changes in my IPI except the Sell-Through part. Not sure, but it could have been the significant dropped sales when Amazon started to extend delivery on FBA purchases 3-5 weeks out. I assume customers decided not to purchase.