Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


My account was suspended and I don’t even know why? I have zero marks no neg anything listed. I have sent a message and an appeal to amazon 2 days ago and haven’t heard a word. No price issues, nothing.



A sincere thank you.


And here I was thinking that the Postal increase for PRC sellers was coming into play.


Yes, unfortunately Amazon = instability. Doesn’t sound a particularly viable way for 3P FBM sellers to run a business. Suspension appeal process was already shot to pieces with the ludicrous “Amazon Health Support” etc. The sheer volume of sellers now impacted must have forced the powers-that-be to intervene. The question I was asking is: Who designed the Amazon Health Support suspension process? There appeared to have been inadequate scrutiny of the designed process, which ultimately is detached from the real world of selling. Hopefully the entire process is reviewed before they bring it back.

Amazon can take two paths - the wrong path that they were already on, or the right path which is accept change was necessary.


That is very nice of them. However, if you let your ODR slip, on May 16th you are probably still in trouble?


:thinking: I’m not sure if you’ll be in trouble immediately for issues during the moratorium OR if your very next issue will result in all the hammers crashing down on you.

But I definitely don’t consider that Amazon’s “pause in account suspensions” means consequence-free rampant and flagrant violations, in any event. :face_with_monocle:

Still grateful that some honest and conscientious Sellers might have one worry off their plate for a few days, though :grin:

Potential catch with Amazon pausing account suspension, can't they suspend you on May 16th?

From all of us “old timers”…may I say (kindlly)

Please everyone - our health and safety comes first.
Sending wishes for good health to everyone…


It would be FANTASTIC if Amazon would actually get numbers correct. We have 1 Order Defect out of over 100 orders in the last 30 days, but they have us at over 4% defect rate!! Special math at it’s finest!


I thought I clicked something to hide the forum widget. Is that now “a thing?”


Optimist :slight_smile:


I’ve been stressing about this all week because our factory temporarily closed for 3 days and can only work at 25% because of distancing. Like taking an elephant off my chest!! Thanks you!!!


Mods- Anyone?
Can you verify this is for SFP as well. We tell Buyers that they have to go through Amazon Support to cancel SFP orders and they tell us that no one is answering the phone and they are directed to go online.
Thus, we are getting hit with defects for late shipments AND cancellations.


That’s fantastic.


Make a new forum post with all details.


Right thing to do.


I don’t think so, my friend; I’ve seen no reports that anyone is presently able to manipulate (hide/collapse, rearrange) the current Seller Central Dashboard widgets - Amazon seems to have completely removed those previously-available capabilities with last month’s revamp going system-wide.

As Susan says in the Announcement I linked above, the Seller Forum has now been completely deprecated in favor of the link available on the Seller Help Content’s ‘home page.’


thank you for responding.
is there a reason? Is there EVER a reason … I mean one that’s valid?


Congrats. We shared a seat in the same sinking boat. Now we have a chance to survive.


You are quite welcome!

Ha! That’s a fair question, as we all know how closely Amazon tends to keep things to its vest (admittedly, it has vested interest in sporting such a cloak),

Given enough data points with which to run this or that hypothesis up the flag pole, and see what salutes, I can generally determine what’s most-likely to be a cause - but evidence here is scarce, so I’d have to say even the wildest guess is as good as mine right now.

That said, I am currently leaning to some combination of the factors that our friends @September1999 & @PureDesignOnline mention upthread, and those that our friend @Living_In_a_Van just pointed out in a related thread:


I second this request, can we please get clarification if this applies to SFP?

Sellers are actually getting suspended!