Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


ODR goes by order date. Really the only acceptable explanation would be from Amazon in writing. Your explanation could be wrong too. If the date range ticks forward one day and you go from zero defects to 1 that could be from any order In that entire range as even the oldest order 18+60 days ago they could still leave negative feedback or file an a-z claim. That’s kind of my issue…may 31st orders defects would begin showing June 17-18th… Say my order defect rate is .99% August 15th. I don’t want to assume anything. As far as I know August 16th I’m suspended from 3 negative feedback from orders from today that got left in quick succession… I appreciate your time in your response by all means but if you and not Amazon your interpretation is not a guarantee.


Well, you have every right to decide what’s ‘acceptable’ to you, but my explanation is the one you can rely on, and it’s the only one that makes any sense.

However, if you want to continue to worry, that’s your right.

If the date range ticks forward one day and you go from zero defects to 1 that could be from any order In that entire range

Well, ok, technically it could, but in real application, it’s not going to be. To prove this to yourself, go back and look at your negative feed. Compare the dates of the feedback to the dates of the order. How many buyers stay p*ssed off enough about an order that they leave a negative rating months down the road? Like none, right?

If someone’s annoyed with your order, they’ll leave feedback when they’re annoyed. Which is usually shortly after they receive their order and believe/discover you’ve messed up. All of this is simply observation. I don’t know why you feel like you need an authoritative word from Amazon.

If you look at the metrics, and if you understand how they work, it will be obvious that there’s only ONE option for how Amazon’s leniency over COVID will work. Based on your previous posts, you seem to be a bit of a panicker and not much of an analytic person, so I guess it’s natural that you’d freak out and want an authoritative voice to tell you the answer, rather than look at the evidence and reach the only logical conclusion for yourself.

but if you and not Amazon your interpretation is not a guarantee.

I understand why you wouldn’t want to accept a random stranger’s word about something that matters so much to you. It’s good not to be gullible and accept anything you’re told as fact. But in this case, you can easily work out what will happen for yourself. Each metrics ding is tied to a date. If the “ding date” is May 31 or before, the ding won’t count. If it’s June 1 or later, it will.

Nothing else makes any sense. This is the only option that does.

may 31st orders defects would begin showing June 17-18th

If May 31 is the date the metrics ding is tied to, it won’t affect your account. Are you saying you have 3 dings from orders that were placed on May 31? If so, then you don’t need to worry. Have you even calculated your estimated total number of orders in the rating periods that include May 31? If you expect to have 300 or more over 60 days, then 3 dings will still keep you within the 1% ODR.

But more importantly, have you done everything possible to avoid getting future dings for whatever reasons you got the 3 on May 31? 3 ‘failures’ (in the buyer’s eye) in one day is pretty unusual.


I had a few a-z that would show in defects under normal circumstances that do not show at all. I only have one defect that shows at all and I got the message for it saying: “We have granted an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $xxx on order xxx. We have covered the cost of the refund and have not counted the claim against your Order Defect Rate.”… I’m just worried they will count claims and negative feedback after may31st for orders before may31st. I have over 1100 orders for the 60 day period as of now but I want to switch to FBA which that 1100 would work its way toward nearly nothing over time. If June 1st could be “clean slate” wouldn’t that not be the perfect time to stop FBM and do FBA? Sounds perfect to me. Don’t have to worry about defects being greatly amplified by a FBM volume that is heading to zero…


This is indeed a very confusing and difficult time . As manufacturers are weeks behind on production due to ripple effects of virus, whether shutting down , cutting staff , demand for product. etc. Combined with USPS, UPS, Fed Ex etc struggling with delays delivering as well. Now add in civil unrest in many communities contributing to delays. Many people staying home , plus getting stimulus money went on record shopping sprees to complicate mater even more. I’d really like to see Amazon hit pause button once again on all accounts til things resume back to pre-covid normal. Geographically conditions are very different as to the disruption of the supply chains beyond many businesses controls. Small, medium , and larger businesses are not playing on level fields in most instances. Many people have been out of work , working from home, hours reduced , while others have busted there behinds , under extreme stressful conditions and factors for months despite everything going on in an unprecedented crazy time globally . just my opinion , however I’m sure many , many will agree . We are all doing the best we can through this situation. I’m so proud of my coworkers for all their hard work keeping our standards up and customers needs being met despite all the trials each day in this supply and demand crunch we are enduring these days.


Any updates on this? Are your claims from orders placed in may showing up in june?


Amazon should ABSOLUTELY consider repausing account suspensions as the pandemic is way worse now than it was back in May when they implemented it. UPS is struggling to much now we can’t possibly help our late shipping rate. We get them out the door, but they take days to scan them and get them moving.
Amazon needs to seriously reconsider suspensions for all of their hard-working sellers that have made them into a gazillion dollar business. It’s a pandemic Amazon…think twice before taking away accounts and hard working ma and pa businesses. You are thriving right now more than anyone in the workplace. Have mercy!!!


Amazon need to consider pausing this again , last week we had a scare and thought one of the employee had been expose , so the whole warehouse shut and all of our family need to go get tested and office need to be deep clean before anyone feel safe to go back to work . It is much worse then before , especially in CA .


So for the last 10 years i have gone to yard sales and estate sales and bought used merchandise all my metrics are good even though amazon has made many mistakes and shipped my products late. Amazon has lost thousands of my items and reimbursed me often zero. They sent me 132 items that belonged to another seller.

I go to an estate sale at the seller’s request at 32PM I am told that I have until 3PM to pack up all the Books records cd’s Dvd’s magazines and cds and cassettes and get it out of the house. I pay generally $150 for hundreds of items half of which i have to throw away. In that time frame I do not get an itemized receipt. No one who buys used merchandise gets one

So last night, in the dead of night, at midnight, with no warning, I am out of business. My account is deactivated. They are demanding itemized recipts. I don’t have any no one who sells low end used merchandise does. I have explained this patiently too hundreds of seller support people over the years.

I am doing nothing wrong. I am doing nothing illegal. I am doing nothing that thousands of other sellers including hundreds of charities do on amazon. Yet here i sit out of business because of a flawed capricious amazon system.

I ran stores in mall for years dozens of malls. if i was closed down with out warning by the mall, and that is what amazon is they charge me rent to sell items, for what i have always been doing the Mall manager or owner would be arrested for illegal seizure of merchandise, and breach of RI state law of landlord tennat statutes.

But amazon can do anything it wants. Can you thing of a better reason to put more stringent controled on a billion dollar company that pays no taxes?

i of course have written to ask what they want from me given the circumstances. Of course I have received no reply. I sit here in a room full of legal inventory that I cannot list wondering if I will be forced to forge documents to honor a foolish rule that Amazon imposed. I abhor having to consider forgery just to do a legal business.

If anyone has a bright Idea I would appreciate it. But pleas eall Amazon Triolls who want to say Amazon is right skip it there is no sale here. That might have worked if they did it when i started 10 years ago. By taking that position you are just revealing yourself as a lackey to a capricious billion dollar tax dodge company


Keeping this thread going- is there any update from Amazon regarding this? CA is getting hit hard and our warehouse closed down.


You should ask for a drafted receipt from the estate seller(s) for the items in question. Yes, it’s a pain, but Amazon doesn’t treat second-hand sellers (i.e. garage sale, estate sales) with the best intentions since the items are antique. Some competitor probably reported your item(s) as a counterfeit, but as you have no receipts, in amazon’s eyes it’s impossible to prove otherwise.


Instead of Suspending sellers, amazon simply blocked many out of the buy box.

Thanks again amazon! Glad my $39.99 monthly fee is going to helping the cause…


Last weeks performance for me was late for shipping as well due to shipping on items needed for my handmade business. Lets just hope they don’t take away my account due to a couple days late for a couple products I sent off this last week. It was my first offense. It was so not on purpose but definitely was hard to keep up this week when materials for handmade products were late to arriving at my door to complete my handmade products due to covid-19. I Just hope they take that in consideration.