Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance


What experience have you guys seen with this policy? Are they just not counting claims as defects over this time period on the dashboard? Or are they counting claims on the dashboard but just not suspending over 1%?

In other words, for those of you who have gotten claims over the last 45 days, have the claims been showing on your ODR or no?

We have a 0% ODR currently. However, we had one claim ruled against us 10 days ago that should have showed up a week ago on our ODR but it still has not. Thus, I wondering if they just aren’t counting them at all.


I looked at an active selling account. The ODR statistic is 60 days running from Feb 24, 2020 - Apr 23, 2020. So if your time window is the same, likely that claim just isn’t counted yet. Click “view details” at bottom of the ODR statistic summary in Account Health page.

ODR is still being calculated but the announcement was Amazon would “pause” suspensions during that time until May 15. Sellers can only wait and see what Amazon announce this week (if anything).


Hi, as we are approaching the May 15th deadline will Amazon be extending these protections?


Does anybody know if Amazon will be extending these protections? Things are still pretty crazy.


I hope you will extend the date. What happens if I have late shipments prior to the 15th that continue past the 15th if the grace period is lifted? Will that count against me? I am experiencing major shipping delays from my overseas mfg. FedEx is backlogged coming out of Hong Hong for weeks. The mfg told me my goods would arrive on X date which it has not. My goods have been sitting two weeks at the FedEx hub in Hong Kong waiting to ship. FedEx stated that there is a major backlog of packages entering into the U.S. I certainly hope you will extend the grace protection period. Thank you.


Not clear why you’d be accepting orders for goods you are uncertain when you can ship to customers?


UPDATE May 13 2020

• Extended through May 31st.
• Issues prior to June 1st won’t count against you.


So, i am new to amazon. I opened up an account to star selling a product on amazon, however, when i click on the link to add product i am not able to hit save and finish. I am wondering if it is because i bought my barcode from nationwide barcode


We are very dependent on shipping services for fulfillment. Recently, when customers asked why their book did not arrive, wegoto the USPS tracking site, put in the tracking number and the response is, “we have no information on this item.” So, the post office loses our books, customers get angry, and we get blamed.


exactly what beginning order date to exactly what ending order date are sellers protected from?
order defects run for 60 days and the latest date is 18 days before the current date. so June 1st the latest date shown for order defects will be May 14th or the May 15th date which was originally stated. I wonder if this is a clarification or amazon made an error in the first announcement and this is not an extension since on June 1st, the latest date on the 60 day order defect window will be you guessed it May 15th “the original day”…What does this mean anyways? No orders before june 1st will count against us? June 1st the 60 day order defect period will contain all orders March 16th to May 15th…exactly what beginning order date to exactly what ending order date are sellers protected from?


yes im replying to myself and just wanted to note the 100s and 100s of boxes I ordered proactively (ON AMAZON) NEVER CAME. just was given a tracking number and silence…AT one point I ran out of boxes. luckily Amazon had the same size boxes that i buy 200 for $60 (30 cents each) for exactly double the price. terrified of running out of boxes i place orders with 4 different suppliers i normally do not use. now i have enough boxes for months…i need so little for my business but i still suffered from of all things trying to get boxes…well it doesnt help that the post office took 12 days to deliver fresh roots to me that were ruined priority mail from 250 miles away!!! that box contained what i needed to fill about 50 orders which made dozens and dozens of orders late as those plants had not come up in my more northern state yet…so yeah it been difficult and y business is very simple


what order dates are we protected? On June 1st order defects will consist of orders March 15th to May 15th. are we protected for all orders during that time frame or all orders before June 1st or what? this is not clear at all!!!


Ohio_Hot_Wheels_Cars, Amazon first announced…

…and then they announced…

…and further clarified:

Based on this information, and considering different order completion times across Sellers and products, I can’t say for certain that there even is a precise “this date to this date” window.

It seems to me that any defects between March 20 and May 31 are likely to be “forgiven,” but I believe that Amazon has good reason not to be too specific on precise dates.

Putting To Bed The Myths And Confusion About Amazon's New Leniency Regarding The Pausing Of Account Suspensions
Putting To Bed The Myths And Confusion About Amazon's New Leniency Regarding The Pausing Of Account Suspensions

you realize an order from may 31st with a defect would show up on the order defect rate on june 18th and continue to count against us until august 18th?..On june 1st the defect period will be orders from march 13th may 13th? So if someone with an order march 13-may 13 leaves negative feedback on may31 it wont be counted against us however if they leave it on or after june 1st it will be counted against us? 18 days lag time plus 60 day window of defects…this makes absolutely no sense…on june 1st i could get order defects showing in metrics from a-z claims or negative feedback from mid march orders to mid may…if they meant no orders before june 1st will be counted against your account for a suspension then great! if they meant it just depends on when a buyer actually files a claim or leaves negative feedback irregardless of the order date then may31st orders could haunt us with defects all the way to august 17th…huge huge huge difference of clean slate for orders placed before june 1st and being held accountable for march orders in june and may orders in august…so can i stop worrying june 1st or do i have to worry about orders before june 1st all the way toi august 17th? if it was a clean slate june 1st i would stop all FBM and switch to 100% FBA but Ive spent weeks trying to get a clear answer…


@Ohio_Hot_Wheels_Cars, I’ve replied to you, but the post is pending mod approval. :flushed:

But don’t get excited; I really can’t think of anything naughty in it. :laughing:


@Ohio_Hot_Wheels_Cars, my hope (:pray:) is that any defects for orders placed between fuzzy-March-date and May 31 are forgiven, no matter when they pop up, even August or later (when ACS goes rogue).

However, I think that all we can believe with certainty, based on Amazon communications as of today, is that only defects through May 31 will be forgiven.

And at the same time, I struggle with offering such forgiveness to the Sellers who took advantage of any concessions from Amazon, as equally as to those Sellers who adjusted their processes, worked hard on customer service, and made every possible effort to honor their commitments to Buyers. :woman_shrugging:

You can probably guess that the Prodigal Son is one of my least favorite parables ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine too.

Not because of welcoming the prodigal but because of negating the worth of the dutiful son.


idek if i can post last needed approval, just got “error” i have 1 of 1108 with a defect but live in constant fear


i wrote a small book but yeah we had 14 day quarentine, live roots for about 100 orders arrived ruined after 12 days, supplier pretended to ship boxes, boom had to home-school + kids home, one day went to walmart, zero printers, zero shipped…simple business but still so many delays, lost packages, etc…i didnt think i would be effected…smh


you realize an order from may 31st with a defect would show up on the order defect rate on june 18th

This is a whole lot of fuss over a pretty simple concept. The ‘dates’ in question are the dates when the order defects would be counted.

In early April, we announced that we had paused account suspensions for order performance issues through May 15.

Would it be more clear if it had said “…suspensions for order performance issues dated through May 15”?

We know that the date range moves forward by one day each day. The earliest date of the range drops off and the newest date comes in.

So… when the date range changes from -
Mar 30 through May 30
to Mar 31 through May 31

If you see a new metrics ding, that means the ding occurred on an order from May 31.
That one would NOT be held against you

When the date range moves forward again to -
Apr 1 through Jun 1

If you see a new metrics ding, that means the ding occurred on an order from June 1.
That one WOULD be held against you

The date being used to decide if the ding is held against you or not is the date on which the ding occurred. Late shipment and cancellation rate use the “Order date”, I’m not sure if ODR uses a different date, it might.