Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


Sellers are Scared Amazon Do not count June Metrics!


Can someone tell me why Amazon arbitrarily decided that there was something magical about May 31st? Is the pandemic over? Are all states open for business? In fact the pandemic is worse than ever, things are NOT back to normal and all sellers should be given a break through the new year at a minimum.


I’m really upset. Selling on Amazon is actually destroying me right now. I don’t understand why Amazon estimates delivery dates that are impossible for USPS to deliver by - and sellers can’t control these “deliver by” dates at all.

I have had to refund two customers recently because of this, it’s not far for small businesses that sell on Amazon. I sell mostly low-price items, so shipping with UPS is not an option for me, in fact, I’m out of options. I am actualy considering shutting down my store because it’s not working for me at all and Amazon is doesn’t care. I couldn’t be more frustrated with Amazon right now.

I don’t know when USPS will get back to delivering orders on time, however it’s not my fault that I am being penalized for this. I shouldn’t have to refund customers because USPS isn’t delivering packages within the timeframe that Amazon estimates. It’s like Amazon is a big shoe and I’m underneath getting stomped all over repeatedly.


Amazon should rethink this and extend it for another month. USPS has twice (for me, I’m sure it’s happened to others) shoved containers into corners and processed newer shipped items before those. This meant the one time my packages were lost in Memphis for over 3 weeks (20 books) and once in Jersey City for 3 weeks (7 books). I was told by a post office supervisor who called about my lost package claim that one distribution center totally closed down for 3 weeks and it was just getting back online. It’s pie in the sky dreams to think it’s working properly jusy because it’s May 31 and there are still issues.


Logged in today and noticed a message saying we are at risk of deactivation.

We noticed an unusual high ODR today of 2.08%. Checking the metric we see that we have
1 order defect out of 48 total orders in the past 60 days. This is not true. The metric has a miscalculation: our total orders for the past 60 days are 4109 orders. Therefore the metric should be showing an ODR of 0.02%.

After Amazon resumed suspending accounts the metric is only calculating orders from June 1st… This is not fair because it decreased our total number of orders by a huge amount and increased the ODR percentage. The reason for the huge drop in orders is because we went back to shipping to FBA again, now that FBA is open. But the metric doesn’t account FBA orders.

Even if we account for all our order defects for the past 60 days (before June 1st) we are way under 1%. Amazon paused the suspensions to protect seller accounts during COVID, but instead this is hurting everyone as all accounts are going to be treated as new accounts when the metric only accounts orders starting June 1st. This is going to hurt accounts that went back to FBA because the FBA ODR is separate and they are shifting orders from FBM to FBA.

Please review this policy. Total orders should be accounted for the past 60 days. Or no suspensions should be made until you have 60 days worth of data.


If I have an order in late April but get an A to Z today.
Does it count on my defect rate because its in June now or will it NOT be on my ODR since they ordered in April?


I agree. I had a buyer who stated they no longer needed their item 2 days before the estimated delivery date. The item arrived early not late. It is an Amazon custom item so it cannot be returned due to simply no longer wanting it. However to help the buyer I told them that they could return the item but it would be minus shipping and a restocking fee. I contacted Amazon to confirm and was told that I did not need to even accept the return but if I wanted to that yes that was the correct solution by policy.

A few days later the buyer opened an A-Z claim but instead stated that the item was no as described this time to get around having to return the item so the claim was granted right away and counted against my metrics. Amazon has my metrics as 725 orders in the past 60 days so it has my ODR at .14% but my actual orders fr the past 60 days is 6,787 orders not 725. They need to stop suspending accounts until accounts have a full 60 days as it states.

In my case Amazon made an error and just one error can make or break things of a lot of sellers right now. Amazon knows this and needs to fix this fast.

I would have rather that they never put a pause on suspensions if I knew that they were going to have this outcome now. It is a horrible idea and I am surprised that Amazon feels this makes any sense.



Why was this program not extended, COVID19 did not magically disappear on May31st. In many states they are seeing more cases than ever, The Damage to our metrics due to late delivery should not fall on the seller only. We only use Amazon Buy Now Shipping, Amazon is the ones that tells us the shipping method we have to use for delivery by a specific date. WE ship on time, I always understood that if we used Amazon Buy Now Shipping they took all responsibility for delivery issues if shipped on time with their tools. Amazon needs to extend this as long as the shipping companies like USPS, UPS and FedEx still state clearly on their websites that Delays are still part of deliveries and they will not stand behind delays of service due to Covid19 and Civil Unrest. Most everyone of my delayed shipments had to go though a city that was very heavily hit with Both issues. Why is Amazon not helping out sellers with suspending metric damage on late deliveries? I would like some answers.


Agreed. Like you, I’m waiting on Amazon to answer. I had to cancel international orders which badly affected my account health. To ship out orders internationally is hard to do right now–it usually just gets shipped back to me.


I’m sorry but USPS has been on the mark since COVID. We ship hundreds of packages per week with them and I don’t think our on-time delivery has been below 99% the entire year let alone during COVID.

Any international orders that can’t go USPS can go via another carrier. We’ve had a few packages to Saudi Arabia where Amazon gave the DHL option and they got there fine (even though USPS wasn’t even delivering there).

And civil unrest? Come on, that hasn’t been happening for weeks.


Total agree !!!


To AMAZON When we the seller ship a item using Amazon shipping and we ship on time with a expected delivery date ON TIME & the shipper for what ever reason is late getting the item to the buyer .Then as a result the buyer opens a A-to-Z claim and the OVER LOADED Amazon staff is unable to REVIEW THE CASE .PLEASE stop letting this effect the sellers O.D.R. while the A-to-Z claim is UNDER REVIEW .At least until such time as the A-to-Z team can answer the claims .Thank you


I don’t really understand why this has not been extended? Given that times are much worse now than they were a few months ago. We should not incur any penalties as we increasingly find that our supply chains continue to remain very strained if not worse than before.


You need to extend this at least through November. The strangling of the USPS by the current administration is causing major slowdowns now in August. Until the postal service is freed up to deliver like they used to, penalizing sellers that ship within the agreed date is highly unfair.


Today August 14th 2020 I have noticed that things have slowed down again back to phase 1 here in Sacramento California. It would be very considerate to extend the shipping performance suspensions as things are not arriving on time and my supplies I use to create my products to sell on amazon handmade. I just got my first 4 dings for late shipping but it was because I was waiting on my supplies. I even have receipts to prove this to back up my story. I am still waiting for 6 large shipments of supplies now and had to put some of my products out of stock till I get them. Not a happy camper. But I will just continue onward as much as I can with what I have.


Is there a way we can petition the suspensions on late shipment?


Thank you for this. I was having a lot of problems getting supplies in… even printer ink to print labels. My account health stats have gone down for late shipment and cancelled orders but all I can do is edit inventory and respond to customers and let them know of the delay and offer to wait or cancel. I do not want my account to be suspended with all these issues going on out of our control.