Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


If you know or seen they have been used , you can charge them 50% restocking fees. Read amazon return policy.


We ask to please extend this PAUSE until June 30th. We are a seller from New York City — if you watch news you must know that this June 15 to 31st PAUSE extension is NOT enough!


May 31st is NOT enough! We’re in NYC!!! EXTEND PLS!


I have been reading the news and they said some areas are seeing more Corvid-19 cases now that lockdown orders are being lifted across the country. Who knows, but I am thinking Amazon may decide to continue with this leniency on our performance metrics a little bit longer.


“defects that occured before this date” means???
#1 orders with defects with order dates and a-z claim or negative feedback both occuring before June 1 (all orders covered before June 1)
#2 orders with defects with order dates before June 1 where the negative feedback or a-z claim (defect) was recorded on or after June 1(orders before June 1 not covered if defect is recorded after June 1)
Still absolutely saw ZERO clarifications from Amazon. I emailed seller performance, I’ve called and they just repeat the ambiguous bs over and over refusing to clarify… Or unable to because they have no clue what their own policy actually means… I sure don’t…


Yes cases are increasing in many places and hmmm can you think of any recent mass gatherings where coronavirus may have been spreading???like protests… Scary stuff


This need to be extended now that this riot is shutting down more and more business and disrupt shipping carriers more than ever.


As a small retailer, we still have not been able to bring our staff back. The PPP program goes thru the end of June. Suppliers are not shipping on time, deliveries are not on time. Yet Amazon is holding small business accountable as of the end of May! How about being in line with the rest of the country for End of June reopenings and not punish us even more.


Speculation but of course Amazon might choose to extend the suspension pause for ODR reasons.

But… they cannot let it run forever, rock and a hard place as I said before. Personally I’d say they do not extend, but of course they have discretion as to who they actually suspend as a result.


Will this be extended?


There’s no way for us to know at this time, but as of yet, no. And Amazon has resumed tracking of ODR metrics as of yesterday.


This definitely needs to be extended.

Carriers are letting us know that deliveries are being cancelled, pickups being cancelled, mainly due to riots and curfews. Pleas hear us.


FedEx is still screwing things up for efficient pick up and deliveries
Riots are making deliveries harder with manpower shortage and on routes due to safety concerns

why isn’t amazon doing anything about this…? this is crazy


If the count restarts from zero on June 1 then hypothetically one can have a defect at the beginning of the 60-day cycle which can make ODR very high at that point since the total number of orders will be relatively small.


Yesterday, both UPS and FedEx customer service reps have told us that they couldn’t guarantee package pick ups & delivery due to actual riots & curfew situation, at least to the end of this week. They said that they are closely monitoring the situation and will adjust accordingly, but I doubt that any improvements is there on the short-term. We have already taken actions right at the beginning of the 1st announcements from AMZ in April by scaling down significantly our business & so far we don’t receive serious hits from negative customer however seriously, we are trying to preserve jobs for our staffs but with all of this chaos keep going on,we couldn’t hold on forever. What could we do when the carriers are denying package pick-ups? Even Amazon delivery vans are getting looted these days… Personally, I think there is a real & legitimate demand for an extension for the grace period.


Our inventory has been lost by Amazon somewhere in the mix of the pandemic. We get it, things happen, but now we have to face the brunt of your mistakes? Please extend and fix the mess.


I have been trying to recover my account for weeks now. I receive no response from Amazon or Seller Performance its really disheartening that most of my sales that were on Amazon are now happening on Ebay & our website.


Hello Guys, it’s happening the same to me… My account was deactivated… there is no other account associated with this account !! i don’t know what i have to proof… could someone tell me what to do? How long is ti going to take??


Rafael Rodriguez


It has to be that I am just not understanding the concept so please correct me so that I do understanding and stop worrying about this. Usually in a 60 day period I will have 6,000-8,000 items sold. So if there is a bad week where I get a few issues with a claim and a feedback that does not go my way I am still in the good.

However with the new start over idea from Amazon I no longer have the previous 60 days in my pocket to help however I am still shipping over 1,000 items per week. Going by the system it has 282 orders of mine accounted for right now when there has been over 1,000 so if I get 3 bad feedback, claims or a mix right now today or in the next day or two then my account will go under review.

So really I have to have a much lower defect rate than 1% for about a month or two in order to stay in good shape. This to me makes no sense. What would normally be a hit that sucks but does not come close to being an issue now will get my funds held for a 6 weeks or longer and may get my account suspended.

It just seems that there is no logic. I would rather Amazon count the metrics before June against me than do this. At east I have to get 60-80 hits to get into trouble.

My issue is I have in reality an allowed defect rate of 0.1% and not 1%. If you sale more you going to have more issues. So my true 1% really is not be counted as of right now.

I am hoping that I just am not getting it and someone will come along and correct me. If not then I will be giving away freebies for two months just to keep every buyer who did not read the listing from taking me down. It would not be so bad if sellers received real help from the feedback team or Claims team.

Right now I have a negative feedback that was not removed from a buyer who cancelled minutes after ordering and never paid. They left feedback because they never received their item. The feedback team said that it could not be removed because I did not use Amazon’s buy shipping service? Really? I couldn’t because there was no payment and no address. No help, just copy and paste replies and locked cases. I then have two clams where buyers “moved” so the post office could not deliver to them according to the buyer. However the orders were not returned to us. Postage was paid for using Amazon buy shipping. Since the buyer opened the claims as items not as described they counted against me and money was taken from my account despite the fact that in their comments they state that they moved and never got their items and need me to send to another address. All of that is a no no for buyers and against Amazon policy yet no help. Just copy and paste replies and when you contact support I am told a supervisor will call me yet they never do.

So if this were to take place today I would be out of luck. It is scary man.



We are seeing delay in the metro Detroit area still First class mail can take 3 days or 14 doesn’t matter where its going. I do not see those delays getting better anytime soon either. On top of that amazon begging us to sign up for there shipping Service and i reached out today to find out they have canceled it so we have no other shipping option that financially makes sense

This is on the front page of USPS right now in big red letters. We are still in the middle of this. Amazon we have been sellers for over 10 years i beg of you to reevaluate the June metrics being used. It will crush everyone