Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


As long as USPS is behind on its shipping we are always going to show late deliveries and constant complaints from customers.




Amazon should extend the pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance to at least the end of June. I am still experiencing slow deliveries with USPS.


I think this pause of account suspension due to order performance metrics needed to be maintained until end of July. The delivery is still very slow and unstable everywhere, regardless it’s UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL…


We need some help with seller feedback, we’ve had more negatives in the last 30 days than the previous 12 months, the feedback is not a fair reflection of us as a seller, its more a reflection of the state of the postal services, and the lack of air cargo space. The postal services were stating thing like ‘limited delays’, when in fact they were much worse, but its us sellers who get penalised for this mis-information.

We’ve had a couple of negatives from customers about delivery before the delivery by date, this is not fair, they purchased in full knowledge of the delivery date, but are unwilling to wait that long. We also get customers who don’t know how to use the messaging system, claiming they messaged us and had no reply, yet we replied within a few hours, again this is not the sellers fault. Also, the customers, who leave negative feedback before even contacting us to help them.

Seller support could be much more helpful, and remove these, where clearly the seller is not at fault, especially in these difficult times, but they don’t, support is not really given.


That’s basically my question to. You figure it out?


That is true. We are suspended for 1% defects so absolutely we All have no more that 1% negative feedback or we very likely would not have accounts. It seems people and I know this is true that people who are angry are more likely to leave negative feedback than people who are happy to leave positive… myself and guilty for this… And there have definitely been times where my 30-day feedback was like 85%, I mean often by the feedback it does look slanderous and horrible like we’re a terrible seller I mean I’ve did the math before and it’s like okay so I have like you know 1
20,000 transactions and like a thousand feedback at best


What about One-Time Delivery Rate? I have quite low one because of slow shipping these times. Will it be used to evaluate my account health?


I hope this policy pause is extended. There does not seem to be any improvement in actual delivery times or irate customers that are less than reasonable given circumstances we have no control over. So then we are left with balancing metric hits and out of pocket refunds (which to this point I have refused to do). Note that the only orders I have gotten on time as a buyer via FBA recently have been subscribed items.


I agree @Sandy_Toes_Inn, my premium shipping options were revoked last night due to On-Time delivery being under the required metric. It is not my fault that ALL of my packages are being delivered late because they are ALL being shipped to Washington state BEFORE being sent to their final destination. Packages meant to go to New York get sent to WA first. Same goes for all the other states.


Is there a possibility of an additional extension or is June 1 an absolute start date?


They need to remove delivery negatives where the seller has tried to help, I think it is quite straight forward for seller support to see where this is the case, neutrals whilst better than negatives still hurt the overall feedback score. It will take 12 months for our feedback to recover, the postal services just cannot cope, and it just isn’t fair or right that our feedback suffers as a result.

Happy customers very rarely positive feedback, but a few unreasonable ones, have an exaggerated effect on our feedback, and it is even more exaggerated now as customers take out their frustration with the postal delays on seller’s feedback.

I hope Amazon understand and listen to Sellers, just a little bit of help with this would be appreciated in these difficult times.


This ^^ as well as slow FBA check-ins and longer-than-usual times for product to be in FC Transfer. We currently have 90% of items we’ve sent to FBA in the past 10-20 days non-fulfillable - which is causing MFN orders to increase dramatically. After the 3 day weekend we’re swamped - good problem to have - but problem nonetheless.


This really does need to be extended for another month or more. For weeks I had no issues with deliveries or any that seemed out of the ordinary. However the past two weeks it has gotten bad. I ship thousands of packages a month on Amazon and most are taking longer than they should. This just started. I spoke to my post office and they stated that this will continue for a while because they are short staffed and the amount of packages that they have are just to much right now. I know that when I buy through Amazon as a prime member, most of my prime items are no longer 2 or 3 days and are 2-3 weeks. Also back to selling, when I ship my items through Amazon using the buy shipping option several packages cannot even be shipped through USPS right now. According to Amazon and USPS this is because USPS is having issues with deliveries so certain locations are blocked from being shipped to using the buy shipping method on Amazon. So those last two statements right there shows me that Amazon is aware that this is not an issue that is going to stop anytime soon. If this Pause was done to protect sellers then it needs to remained on pause. If the virus is still effecting things this is not going to change for sellers until the virus issue is resolved and things are back to a norm or close.

I have had a few claims and they have not counted on my metrics but I paid for postage through Amazon and the policy clearly states that these are not suppose to outside of any Pause by Amazon. However while they are not on my account, Amazon is still making me pay for everyone so far which is not right or within policy.

Overall things need fixed and this Pause should not even be considering coming off anytime soon More protection for sellers not less is what is needed. That and better seller support with real responses and not a copy and paste of the policy which most of the time is a policy that is not even related to my issue.



This definitely needs to go through June with the way the USPS is losing packages left and right. Their service is unbearable right now, and you know we’ll be the ones who get screwed in the end.


USPS deliveries are a problem - I’m personally waiting for late USPS packages that were sent to me.

However, as an Amazon seller, I switched to UPS back in March. Absolutely no problems with metrics. Relying on Amazon extending the exemption isn’t wise.

Also, some sellers are definitely abusing the ODR shut down exemption. For “grim” amusement purposes I’m checking out one seller in particular each day. Feedback running at 37% over last 30 days, and they are even listing books that I know they cannot supply, which is corrobated by buyers saying the same thing. They aren’t even sending books out but claiming they are, but blaming the situation for “delay”. Today they’ve even added a 8% “restocking” fee for cancellations. So Amazon cannot let this run forever, ultimately ODR needs reimposing to stop the emerging seller fraud on the site. So unfortunately a small number of bad actors looking to exploit the “virus” situation will need countermeasures, so even if Amazon wanted to they cannot extend ODR exemption indefinitely. Rock and a hard place etc.



Agreed no problems with USPS until here of late. Thank you centryposters for bringing this issue to light :smile:


Thanks Koys,

What really hurts for me as that we need more protection right now but seem to be getting less. I just had a buyer leave me negative feedback for an item not received. Sounds normal however they cancelled the order. It was never paid for nor was I provided any address to ship to. The real hit to the gut is when I asked for removal it was generated by the system that they could not remove it as I did not pay for shipping using Amazon which I could not because it is a cancelled order.

I then appeal and get a response 15 seconds after which is a copy and paste reply. Then it states the case is locked. I open a case and get a call from Amazon and the person on the phone states that this should never have happened and that they were going to escalate the issue because it is not right.

So I am happy feeling that something is actually happening and Amazon is really standing up for me. Well then partner support replies to the case telling me that I cannot request feedback removal on the order and have to use the original request which is blocked.

So this is a thread about how Amazon is going to protect sellers during this rough time and yet they cannot even give me a real reply on a feedback from a buyer who never paid, cancelled their order but was able to hit me with a negative for an item not received.

Amazon needs to not only continue this Pause but to stop these horrible mistakes. There is no one to go to for help which in these cases is sad and sellers should not feel that way. To have something as serious as metrics which can get your account suspended and have it generated all by a computer is crazy. They would not have to pause anything if a true seller support system was in place. Its called seller support with the key word “Support” I am feeling no support.

Sorry to rant. In all of my years on Amazon this is only my second post with the first being the one that you Koys were kind enough to respond to.

We just need better help from Amazon.


New update:


YUP! We had a huge surge in sales of high end bandanas with many refunded for ‘no longer needed’ Some returned and some not, but Amazon auto refunded all of them.

No longer needed? We all know what these were used for. There is no way I can resell these.