Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


We have been on fire with sales these past 8 weeks but when this happens (like at Xmas time) you realize how many customers try to scam you, try get stuff for free claiming defect, simply demanding a refund without return (with threats of neg feedback – which we never cave in to), shipping back a materially different item, claiming purchased by mistake but wanting not to be charged shipping feesto or from , getting back opened items claimed no longer needed, .Some have even used Covid-19 as an excuse not to ship items back (state is in lock-down, post office is closed (untrue) etc). We do impose restocking fees when we can (which also lends itself to neg feedback) and that fee most of the times only goes to cover the transaction fees and commission that Amazon still takes when customer returns for any reason. Returns for unwanted, mistake, inaccurate description or did not authorize result in a real out-of-pocket financial loss most of the time (but Amazon still gets it’s slice of the pie). Anyway – help should be given sellers for feedback issues…seems like I lost track here.a bit but sharing thoughts

A fair amount of time is spent addressing these customers, scammers or those wanting something for free with well crafted notes and if they don’t get what they want they leave neg feedback or contact Amazon customer support who is not trained and more than happy to open an A to Z claim, provide refunds without return so that they get a good rating for their willingness to try to help the customer. We sell in a number of product categories and if you sell mostly new books, DVD’s, CD’s etc – you are less likely to get bad feedback (many times unjustifiably) than other categories (such as toys and electronics). Amazon has done third-party sellers an injustice by simply refunding (especially without return) and has conditioned the Amazon buyer to expect refunds and keep an item (you wont find that anywhere else)

Since feedback impacts account health, please have someone trained to help with feedback removal as an automated program or bot looking for key works and instantly replying not eligible for feedback removal doesn’t work.


Curious to know what you were selling that got you suspended?
Everything is suspect these days.


I’ve wondered why that’s even an option, really. The recourse there, for the buyer, should be a chargeback through the credit card company, who is actually in a position to see if the card was frauded, and can actually cancel a frauded card on all platforms (providing some disincentive for the buyer to make this claim, as they at least have to go through the effort of setting up autopay, etc. with a new card). Amazon has such a small piece of the picture, and such perverse incentives (e.g. I bet they still accept that CC# for another purchase after they’ve returned the buyer’s funds), that I’m surprised that “playing merchant bank” with other people’s money isn’t a violation of their TOS with Visa/MC (it probably is, but as usual, people make an exception for the sufficiently large elephant in the room … right up until Amazon realizes they don’t need Visa/MC any longer, since they’re already effectively filling that function, and becomes a legal merchant bank, putting even more people out of work).


Got suspended from SFP same day this notice was sent out, for packages stuck at distro centers. So, yeah, it looks like SFP isn’t included in this pause.


why I got an email that said my account will be suspended ? because I had a listing out of stock for more than year which they said contains ingredients which are bad for people.


hello My account got deactivated can you please help me how i can activate my account


Please consider extending further. Lot’s of backed up product waiting to roll in.


This is great news and 100% agree feedback should be removed as well since it is COVID related and completely out of the seller’s control.


Thank you, Amazon. We appreciate the support. I agree with sellers here about the feedback being very unfair. We work almost 24/7 and some buyers are not responsive and willing to work with us to resolve issues.

However, I understand that Amazon can’t please every seller, so we will just continue to push forward and do our best to give Amazon customers great service in this time of need.


My Amazon stores have been closed for over 2 months (which more than doubled the sales on my website) because it’s only on May 13th they really said sellers would be protected from delivery delays, but only until June 1st.

It’s looking like Amazon will force me to stay completely closed until shipping times are completely back to normal, this is insane.

Why are they not protecting sellers from delivery delays for more than May 13th to June 1st?

Other marketplaces made it clear sellers will be protected from issues caused by the pandemic back in March, while Amazon only said on May 13th that sellers will be protected until June 1st, this is ridiculous, offering 18 days of protection on a pandemic that’s been going on for months.

I may end up never re-opening my Amazon stores as it seems they will have to stay closed for weeks or months if not a year until USPS is back to delivering on time. If I open I’ll likely be suspended within a month from buyers complaining of late deliveries, so I prefer to stay closed so that I still have the option to re-open when USPS is back to normal, whenever that may be.


One answer you have is use say UPS. The shipping cost might sound outrageous compared to USPS - but your only (and valid) option is to factor that into your pricing or shipping. That is far preferable to as you say - maybe having to stay on vacation for a year or more. Also you will find way less buyer inquiries are received as to where item is - couriers are more reliable than USPS with more granular tracking and so on. Less shipping inquiries means you get to spend more time on your business development.


That is simply not an option at all for me, my items are around $10 including free shipping, shipping them by UPS costs around $20 last I checked, so it makes no sense.


Got you, yes at that price point you are marooned.

Speaking from experience, sometimes in life you really do have to wait things out. For some sellers that may be the best option, and just return when you know metrics will hold up. It would be a far greater loss getting (perhaps permanently) suspended, as opposed to not selling on here for (say) a year.

Thinking back to when say eBay customers mailed physical payment (checks etc.) that would be a lot more sustainable in this type of situation, compared to virtual payments. Sellers are terrified of A-z or INR claims etc.


To be honest I’m really enjoying this no-Amazon time, for 2 months I haven’t had to worry about defects or getting suspended, and with my website sales doubling I’m still making ends meet, but I would like to be able to re-open but I don’t feel safe doing it with the delivery delays and reading how customers are complaining of delays.


Thank you for this. Not having my full time workers to help fulfil and process orders; I’ve missed a few shortages over the past days.


I have no idea why my account is under suspension. I never had a complaint. Someone else seems to be selling a kindel version of another book under my name and probably that is the reason for trouble. I don’t know how to reach anyone in Amazon to report this or complain. Someone, plese help.
Vikram Nair


How can I contact a person in Amazon to explain my predicament? Is there a telephone number or an e mail to explain?


I think it’s recommended for Amazon to support sellers regarding customer’s feedback during this period. Negative feedbacks related to long delivery time shall be strike-through/removed or at least changed to neutral because logistics is really a nightmare these days, regardless we are doing FBA or FBM or ship our goods from USA or elsewhere. This is really out of hands for sellers, we did try our best to make things faster for buyers but it’s really not within our reach to improve the shipping process since we are totally relies on 3rd parties logistics partner (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, AMZ warehouses…etc…). Our costs have increased significantly due to actual logistics chaos & we are still trying very hard to stay in business & serve customers in decent ways. Honestly, this small “feedback’s support” would help us a lot during this tough time & it’s even more beneficial than some other measures that already taken by AMZ (which I personally appreciated, it’s better than nothing. Thank you AMZ). Could someone tag the AMZ admins or moderators here for them to share this suggestion to their management team? Thank you Amazon for being with us on this tough time. If I may, I’d like to tag @Edward_Amazon and @Cassie_Amazon . Thank you in advance for the consideration.


A good solution for 3rd party sellers like us. But a to z and bad feedback are still eroding our business


Has anyone actually confirmed this assumption? I sure hope so.