Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


should extend to Jun 30,calculate 2 monthes


It is the perfect time for our difficult times. Very good flexibility
Because it can reduce the pressure the other way Hope it goes well


Right now stock up on shipping supplies and other business necessities. If things go south like the doctors and scientists are predicting for this fall it will probably be difficult to get any supplies then. I am already preparing for the holidays just to be on the safe side. If they are correct then this will just be a preview to what is coming. I hope and pray that the world gets better quickly but my grandmother used to tell me about the 1918 pandemic and history seems to be repeating again. Get prepared while you can or do without. JMO


I was so glad to hear that Amazon paused the account suspension until May 31st and they don’t evaluate the defect rate prior to June. I hope this program can save my selling account from the suspension.


Amazon still suspends my account, I try to contact amazon sellers regarding and still have no response from them, what should I do?


One of the biggest problems we are having is buyers who believe anything purchased from Amazon is delivered by Amazon. When we tell them to check their mail box, the rants begin. We send delivery information and then a vile angry exchange begins. I’m pretty good at putting out fires but it’s exhausting.
We have had a rash of A to Z’s paid due to delivery being on or the day after the estimated date. As soon as that “your package is lost” message comes through, they often call customer service who advises them to open a claim and leave poor feedback. None of which are appropriate especially during this time.USPS is telling us to make a list of those who accepted free merchandise and report it to them. Usually people get a little uncomfortable if a postal inspector goes to the door. We were instructed to send one message telling the buyer they accepted merchandise that was not paid for, and ask for it’s return,. If the item does not come back, we have been told to report that buyer for mail fraud. I’m beginning to think ti’s worth this effort.
Feedback should be suspended right now and never be a tool to manipulate a seller. I also think those emails advising the buyer of a lost package should be immediately stopped. Just 2 things on my “will never happen” wish list.


MY ODR is GREAT, but I was suspended 2 weeks ago for price gouging, sent 3 POA, can you tell me how long until I hear from someone regarding this?


According to this announcement Amazon is pausing account suspensions. Then why has my account been deactivated due to one lousy customer complaint?


Their notice conflicts with their actions.
Amazon has suspended your account. Please refer to the email from Amazon to learn more about the status of your account.


One of the biggest challanges I see from consumers during the Pandemic is inaccurate SHIPPING ADDRESSES and their inability to check emails. We wind up cancelling a lot of orders(Yes alot) with addresses rejected by USPS database.These are counted against a sellers performance, restarting on June 1. Just an FYI


While I doubt it, I hope Amazon is listening. At the same time Amazon (claims to) sink all of the resources into stopping bad actors, they may wish to think about how far they can push sellers before they create bad actors. Or, in this case, force sellers to do things that are antithetical to Amazon’s 5 tenets (which are all about buyer experience). While we may have no rights within Amazon, we are not serfs, and when you threaten our livelihood, we may not kowtow in the way Amazon expects.

I have found that when dealing with fraud (stolen credit cards, mostly) on other platforms, the only entity that might even pretend to care is some (not all) local postal inspectors. I’ve had them go into a house full of “accepted merchandise that was not paid for” and pick out our items and send them back to us for free (while leaving behind a sea of stolen goods). I believe they would in many cases honor this report of mail fraud for an unpaid item, and it’s possible that the public embarrassment would curtail the worst of this behavior. It’s probably a small percentage of the buyers that are responsible for the majority of the systemic manipulation, so this could be effective.

While almost certainly a TOS violation, there’s also nothing to prevent sellers from creating an anonymous website (or Facebook page) to rat out these bad actors on the buyer side. Lord knows Amazon will never let us know who they are, no matter how evil. There would certainly be some Type I errors there, but that might only encourage Amazon to provide us valid data about awful buyers.


If this is true why was my account suspended yesterday for dropping below the late shipment 99% threshold on 5/6? Our UPS driver did not show up for our scheduled pickup and normally we would have someone designated to run those shipments ourselves to a local UPS store but due to COVID-19 our state restricts how many employees we can have in our facility and that employee is not able to work. I tried explaining this in our plan of action and was denied reinstatement despite the fact that 2 days later on 5/8 the state reduced restrictions and we now have that employee back at work and able to handle if a pickup does not occur as it should.


It’s not unfair for them to complain about the price in feedback when they receive the item and believe it to be less quality than photoed or described.


I shipped out a phone headset to a hospital - they changed their mind and shipped it back. I withheld shipping both ways and they filed an A-Z claim (which I overturned) and left a negative, which I couldn’t remove.

Seriously - its like returning a vacuum to walmart and expecting walmart to cover the cost of gas and wear and tear on the car to bring it back to them.


I’ve wondered about some of the “didn’t approve purchase” returns and seeing if I could escalate them to “stolen credit card” or “hacked account” and maybe inconvenience the buyer as much as it took me 30 minutes to prep and pack the order and pay for shipping.


valid tracking rate is going down, lot many has already been said in regard of rising negative feedback, what is Amazon gonna do with us after 1 june?


You absolutely cannot do that.

Please search around on the Amazon Seller Forums for people who have mentioned refusing a refund (there’s a search bar near the top). Forum members explain in detail how to handle refunds and returns plus how to get some of your money back for bad returns.

Hope this helps!


It’s not just SFP its all shipping platforms.The shipping services need to extend the delivery window to something realistic. Prime, overnight, expedited etc shouldn’t even be an option right now. I’ve had a customer waiting a month for a first class package, with postage purchased thru AMZ from Massachusetts to Louisiana, only to have AMZ send “your package is delayed but on the way” and not even notify me well past the delivery window. Meanwhile customer service can not be reached by phone, and we don’t have a seller line anymore. Who does business like this? Why am I paying for Prime as a customer? Do you remember Jeff Bezos saying, “One day Amazon will fail”, I think that time is coming very soon.


Does this include suspension of SFP privileges?


I wish they’d let sellers opt to allow buyers cancel without emailing. As long as the label is not printed buyer can cancel orders and we won’t ship. We’ve nver refused to cancel. I’m sure the system can connect to each other that way. It label has been printed, then it makes sense to have the buyer reach out to the seller