Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


It’s been rough. We assemble our systems from scratch, it’s not packaged off the shelf. There are many components, and just a few suppliers. So, with this lock down status, we have lost people who can show up to work, our suppliers are in the same boat we’re in, the truckers are juggling the few orders they have after cutting off all the fat…who knew what raw materials come from abroad, and how the manufacturers has been affected…we’re finding out now. It was great the first few weeks, we had plenty of components, but lately it’s been a slog, bouncing around trying to source what we need. I appreciate Amazon’s grasp of the problems many of us face. The truck will show up tomorrow with the pallets. 2 shipments will be delayed…I see that as a win against what we face. Soldier on!


It is not calculated as part of the ODR. It’s a separate metric.


Prolong it until this COVID quarantine thing is over.


Yes, I’ve met this same question!!! After the expected delivery date,Amazon send the message to the customer that their package was lost! ! In fact, their package is being delivered at USPS, but they don’t believe it. They told me that they only trust Amazon ’s notice, which informs them that the package has been lost and even if the package is delivered, they can still refund it because the delivery period is too long! !


Neg feedback and A-TO-Z are killing me :frowning:


We stopped all international shipping (both on Amazon and our website) when the lockdowns started. We do still ship to Canada and haven’t had any problems yet. I could see the big losses coming from packages that were never delivered or delivered late so we just stopped before the bleeding started.


We have had more sales than we have ever had online with everyone shopping online YET we are getting the least feedback we have ever gotten. Whats up with that? And yes that 1 or 2 negative feedback kills you.


i had a lady leave a negative and write " i need the return address" smh


it’s correct


What do you mean what about feedback? Feedback is part of the ODR. Thus it won’t cause an account suspension until after 5/31.


Couldn’t agree more- in fact, get RID of that stupid seller feedback. Or at least don’t have it affect ODR- these dingdong buyers think it’s a MESSAGING SYSTEM. come on…






Not only that, but the industry I am in is predicting that it will not peak until sometime in July. We’re already seeing shortages in manufacturing as the bulk of the inventory is being cleaned out and not replenished via manufacturing. The whole supply line is being wiped out right down to the raw materials


Why did you refuse the refund? I didn’t know we could do that?


I have problem With duplicate Sale… I sell Mostly Media… Any one has an idea what to do beside delete inactive listing ? thanks


this entire thing has brought out the ugly side of people receiving death threats over an order arriving late just proves Amazon allows customers to abuse sellers and open A-Z claims that aren’t backed by Amazon at all even when shipping is purchased through Amazon


Amazon metrics have never been correct valid shipping is never correct especially when shipping is purchased through Amazon


Amazon active seller numbers still appear to be gradually dropping. Leaving aside seller performance statistics, consider this: In normal times, there would be natural churn whereby sellers just decide to stop selling on Amazon. That isn’t too important if Amazon are onboarding new sellers. But right now, are you hearing of many folks starting a new business? Exactly - would be much harder to get anything launched for a multitude of reasons.

So all this might lead to Amazon actually valuing the remaining sellers higher - which they already were forced to do so, by suspending suspensions.

The “Account Health Support” antics of last 12 months are one clear example of a totally unsustainable attack on Amazon’s own longest serving and most loyal sellers. The fact this sabotage wasn’t stopped sooner has a number of root causes - including the totally unexpected eBay meltdown due to Wenig (and no doubt some henchmen) trashing that platform, which pushed business volume across to Amazon.

All sellers can be extremely happy that the virus situation brought the “Amazon Health Support” process to a screeching halt. The only unknown is what Amazon do next, but I’d be flabbergasted if they continued with that process “as is” - given the clear damage caused over last 12 months.


yeah they didnt mind kicking me out of prime for good because i couldnt do 99% buy shipping

when their shipping is more than 50% of the order value!!!

thanks for that!