Pause on Account Suspensions for Order Performance Extended to May 31


We had just 2 ODRs, both A-to-Z’s. One we represented as “customer never contacted us, but here are Amazon’s guidelines for customer-canceled orders, and we’d be happy to cancel their order if you tell them to follow them, as we have repeatedly told them to do in the only manner available to us for contacting the customer.” No contact, ever, from customer, and Amazon canceled the order for them and stuck us with the ODR. The other was simply opened and awarded without anyone contacting us, and by a miracle we got it scrubbed, eventually. Since we’ve taken most of our inventory offline, the 2nd ODR put us over 1%, and while they did not cancel our account, our buy box percentage went to 0%. Effectively taking us offline, but letting us come back on later. When we were back down to 1 ODR, we were able to win a few buy boxes (which allows us to advertise, i.e. contribute more money to Amazon’s award-winning customer support).

I realize that’s more words than you needed : ) , and no one else cares about one seller’s problems, but even Amazon’s most generous gestures (and there aren’t many) can come off as abusive once you factor in the rest of the dysfunction there. Basically, this announcement saves us a couple of hours of frustration trying to get our account unsuspended later, which is probably more than anything what this is all about (i.e. not having to hire more CSRs to deal with unsuspensions, and having plausible deniability for what must be rampant fraud and price-gouging in a crisis situation that Amazon doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage).


This is the most frustrating month ever where I see most of buyers return products after they used it and they lied with inauthentic claim, no longer needed, defective (because they found cheaper price), and the culture of entitled full refund because they can threaten you with negative feedback, reviews and A-Z claim headache.

Amazon - you created this customer service centric where the buyers abuse the system. Who is losing money and who is end up with suspension? But you never suspend any buyer who do this to sellers. Talk about fair system and legitimate for everyone. Sorry about my ranting!


Is there anyway to temporarily turn off the ability for people to order from places we can’t ship to? For example, South Africa has suspended international delivery services. I can’t ship the item my customer purchased AT ALL. USPS will not accept any South African addresses. So obviously I can’t ship their order and its just sitting there with an ‘unshipped’/ late tag on it. It would make sense that if sellers can’t ship to these places, Amazon wouldn’t allow buyers to enter an address that can’t be shipped to…


I think cancel the order So customer can move on


Have you tried taking scan forms with to the post office? I find this helps some, because you can make sure they scan the scan form and that at least shows the post office took custody of the item. It took me some time to figure out how to do it but to get a scan form, go to Orders > Order Reports > End of Day Forms. Then you can print a scan form and while it isn’t perfect (it won’t include any international packages, for example), it’s at least a step in the right direction.


Part of the issue though is the item is a printed on demand product. We don’t keep inventory around, so if we do cancel the item, we’re just stuck eating the production cost (obviously not much, but still). I did reach out to the customer to see if I could send them a PDF of the product in lieu of the physical copy and ship the physical copy once it’s available to ship to South Africa again, but as usual customers don’t check their messages or respond to them…


I disable SFP cant handle the stress


Until USPS gets up to speed on their deliveries we are going to have the problem with delayed shipments and customer complaints. I feel Late Shipment Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Order Defect Rate should be extended till then.


What about canceled orders due to customer request. I must have 1 a day since this pandemic began.


I think this is a good move, especially for sellers with a good history. Order cancellation is the one area that we do have under control. Late delivery and shipment issues, we have no control over this right now.


SFP you are still expected to get 99% or higher scanned on time. We can 100% confirm this. Not sure about the other metrics.


High Agreed


I agree too


Yes This!! We changed our handling time to ensure no late orders but hasn’t stopped the negative feedback even on on time orders because people still expect it now and Amazon won’t remove.


Dropshippers are going to be taking advantage of this.

I had one very big business order a book in April, they filed an A to Z claim. Meanwhile their main page says “please be patient due to covid 19 delays”. They’re getting hit with tons of negative feedback because they sold books they didn’t have, then ordered them from other sellers. When USPS delayed shipments, they started getting tons of negative feedback. Now those same people are getting their A to Z claims granted and their books delivered, and you are not going to penalize them for their negative feedback. Sounds like it would be a great time to be a dropshipper.


Good question
My other question - why do buyer continue to receive emails telling them their item has been lost ? Knowing all 3 carriers are experiencing delays AND internal issues, these messages do nothing but cause buyer panic and dissatisfaction. Some of the messages are really just hateful. Anyone else having this scenario?


we never opted-in to our SFP offers…for the same reason.

i try find ways to alleviate stress not add to it. SFP can be blessing And curse, especially if it can cause your account suspension.


agreed ^


Pre-fulfillment cancellation is an order defect; I’ve had a few. ODR is 0%.


Many customers have been understanding but yeah so many negative feedbacks recently for refunds and late shipments. It’s like, do you realize there is a pandemic? Have you heard the news that businesses across the country have been closed? And now you’re blatantly attacking businesses with your feedback? Ridiculous