Partial refund issue, please help?


Amazon update the refund page, and I can not find the way to issue a partial refund.
Here is the problem:
The order is $279, and customer received with minor problem, and request a partial refund WITHOUT return. After communite with buyer through amazon message, we are aggred to offer a $100 compensation.
But in the refund page, there is no way for us to refund $100?
Plus: there is no return request of this order, so there is no way for charge restocking fee or return fee as talked in forum.
Another way, when we choose the count from 1 to 0, and we can only refund $20.
So for order like this, we have no choice but refund buy in full? or force buyer to return?

Buyer returned 1 of 2 items in return request

This is a direct quote from another seller, I hope it helps.
"The new refund screen I had today made it look like a choice of full refund or nothing, with no check-off for a partial refund as there used to be–but eventually I saw that each enumerated charge (item price, shipping charge) was accompanied by a box with a choice of “0” or “1” all preset to “1.” When I reset them to “0” the refund amount went to 0 for each entry, and I was able to add the partial refund I wanted to authorize in a supplemental box at the bottom.

It was not a perfect solution because it didn’t make it clear what I was refunding, but at least the total amount came out right.

New Returns Widget

Read through this thread:


Thank you for your reply.
We have tried but it could not help.
The customer had not initiated the return request, so we can not find the order in Manage Returns.
So there is no boxes of us to check to deduct the amount.


Yes, that’s the problem. There is no return requests for us to do the deduct things.
So amazon want us to ask buyer to issue a return request if buyer wants keep the product with a discount?


Try this thread:


Does amazon have ever considered that there are some orders need partial refund without return or there is no return request when update the new refund workflow.


Im not sure if ive been doing oartial refunds correctly, but i pull up the order in my order history. On the detail page, there is a button that states “refund order” on the upper-ish right side. Clicking tgat opens a screen that has different types of the refund you want to issue. You can mark “refund entire amount” or you can manually type how much the refund is for. I just enter a partial amount and it’s done. I use this way to pay customers concessions, charge for shipping, and issue partial or full refunds this way when there is no return request. It even lists the max amount allowable for each type of charge/refund to the buyer for that particular sale and keeps a tally of the previously refunded amount in case you need to refund the remaining amount for some reason.


Yes, it’s the previous way to do the partial refund. But amazon update the refund window recent days(maybe some seller’s have not update yet). You could check the 2 pictures that I post in this topic. There is no blank for me to entry the refund amount, only 0 unit or 1 unit(full refund). That’s the problem i met


What I have been advising is to get Amazon on the phone. Request they process the partial refund manually since they have removed the ability for you to manage.

This issue is going to impact many and Amazon needs to know about it.

And it is nearly impossible to tell them anything like that. I am up to Round Six trying to make them aware of a site issue.

They learn ONLY the hard way.

So call! Everyone who needs to a partial refund with return request.


small observation. as an Individual seller, (not professional) I would not be able to call Amazon. I hope for other Individual sellers, like me, that Amazon will accept your phone call and fix it for all sellers.


Since that that is not a return, how about you click the drop-down menu for Reason for refund and choose General Adjustment. I haven’t used the new refund page or process yet but I tried general adjustment before when I gave a customer a partial refund or a discount because she claimed that the item has a minor defect and she said that she just fixed it and sent me a blank picture. I didn’t argue, I just gave her a partial refund.


Are you able to send a refund through the original order page?


Can you have the buyer request a return so that you can refund accordingly (without them actually returning the item?)

Just a thought.


Does amazon have ever considered that there are some orders need partial refund without return or there is no return request when update the new refund workflow.

No, Amazon doesn’t–because the powers-that be don’t bother to train the IT people who develop the software. They-plus most CS/SS/and probably SP and CATALOG employees have little or no idea how to list/sell/ship/ refund beyond their own two or three rote functions.

A crying shame for a company as large as Amazon to fall back on full refunds as the easiest, cheapest function for clueless employees
to accomplish. .

Long-term FBA vendors got used to wholesale refunds over the years. 3rd parties are next, giving the store away to “delighted” customers while Amazon’s PR dept. extolls us in their phony commercials. .


In addition to not being able to partial refund over $20.

The refund button from manage returns and from manage orders
Show two different return screens.

One allows a restocking fee and one does not.

This is a major programming error.



Major functionality drop. Please send this over to someone who owns the UI for refunds that are not preceded by a formal return request through the Amazon return process.


How do I get Seller Central on the phone? Is there a hidden method? I have no way to get to a live person for anything.


This issue is going to impact many and Amazon needs to know about it.


If you are on the individual account, you cannot.

On the professional account, you request a call back.