Partial Order shipped problem


Hi. I hope you can help me fix this problem. I received an order for six magazines from a customer. I only had 5 of the 6 in stock. So when processing the order for each magazine had a one next to it. I changed the 1 to a 0 on the one I didn’t have and processed and shipped the 5. The 5 have never left my order page to go to my shipped page. All six are still showing on my order page. See below. And they are showing the order to be late although it was shipped 3 days ago. There is no option to cancel the one I didn’t ship. And I’m Wondering why the ones I did ship are not moved to ship.


Here’s the retro-advice (lotta good that does)

Amazon has never come up with a good way to deal with this. The only way that works is to confirm the whole order, then refund for what you are not shipping.

When/if you do this – three things to remember. 1) Message the buyer to explain. 2) Wait a few hours before refunding for the missing item. I always think it is best to let the system fully integrate one bit of information before moving on. 3) If there was a shipping charge attached to the item you are not shipping, remember to refund that charge as well.

As for advice on the present problem…

I’m going to hope somebody comes along with a good way to deal with it.

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April told you what I would have done three days ago. Maybe you can find the missing one somewhere else and buy and ship.
Send the message then mark shipped then refund.


Would it still be possible to do this?


Help us get a better understanding of what happened.

Sort of a step by step, what did you do?

How did you purchase a shipping label?


Your image shows correctly … only one is unshipped (and late)

The only thing you can do for the straggler is to “ship-it” and refund it

Edit to add:

Good advice from @bookwormapril:

Letting the buyer know what you’re doing (and why) goes a long way towards avoiding ill-feelings and bad feedback.

Also, like @bookwormapril advised, ensure you refund any shipping charges related to the refunded book.


Just to add a bit of insight…

The reason you have to confirm as shipped then refund is because -

  • Amazon charges the buyer for their entire order as soon as you confirm any part of it.

So even though you didn’t ship the one book, the buyer was still charged for it. If you don’t have the book to ship, then you owe them a “refund” (not cancellation). The only type of order you can refund, is one where shipment was confirmed.

Therefore, if you need to cancel part of an order, you have to confirm the item you need to cancel, then issue a refund for it.


Thanks one and all for the great advice. I did what you said and it worked out fine. Seems like a round-about way but it works. Thanks again for your help.

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