Pallet Sizes


Can pallet sizes be smaller than 48" X 40" when shipping to be FBA?


Why would you want to? 40x48" pallets are standard in the USA. Deviation would most likely cause a slow down.

Seller requirements for LTL, FTL, and FCL deliveries [link]


I think thats actually a good question.
We receive some product in on smaller pallets, although yes generally 40x48 are the standard


I don’t think you can as if you use partnered shipping it only lets you input height.

I could be wrong on sending smaller but if you’re using a partnered I would only use 40x48 as you will be billed for that.


You have to ship on the 48 x 40 size pallets Amazon. in wood, that Amazon has set. They now use robots to pick up and stack the empty pallets. They even have a video of the robot in the Amazon warehouse picking up and stacking the wood pallets. Follow exactly the specifications for the pallets you send in.

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