Pallet of items with no boxes


I often ship a LTL pallet that has 30 boxes of 4 items, all gallon jugs with UPCs. It weighs 1320 pounds, 11 pounds x 120 items.

Can I skip the 30 boxes and instead of configuring it as 30 boxes x 4 items configure it as 1 box x 120 items? I’d neatly stack all of the items on the pallet, top with a piece of cardboard that has the box sticker on it, shrink wrap and 4xx pallet sticker the edges. Would save hundreds of dollars of cardboard and probably more in wasted labor for me.

Would I instead need to do 120 boxes of 1 and just slap 120 box stickers on my jugs?

I tried to setup a shipment as a case of 120 but it still asks for individual box info.

Last thing I want is inventory held up, sent back, or an overweight fee saying my 1350lb box is over 50 pounds…

I searched the forum and docs but couldn’t get an answer, and I figured this forum might give a better answer than SS. Thanks!