Oversize tiers


I recently removed a few listings that for some reason showed “oversize”.
As of now, when I click on “inventory” then “manage seller fullfiled prime”, I can see that all my listings show “Standard size”, however, when I go to SFP performance reports, some of the listings show that they got detail page views under the “oversize” tier, even though they show “standrad size” in my inventory.
I modified all my listings and removed the package dimensions under “more details”, but I still experience problems.
I don’t want any of my items to show oversize.
Please help!


Oversized for SFP just puts them in a different, easier set of metrics.

It “should” have nothing to do with FBA size.


Hi there,
Can you please elaborate a little bit more?
Where do go? And what do I need to change?
All my products weigh 6oz and fit in a regular envelope.
Thanks a lot,