Out of stock effects to rating?


One of my own items Went out of stock when I finally added more inventory and. NOw I can no longer find my product as easily as before and the sales have completely slowed down. Is this true for anyone else? If yes what steps can I do because this is about to happen again and I want to keep the momentum going with the product While inventory is getting processed at ware house. Thanks for support and guidance


Simply put, send in more stuff, and don’t run out of stock. Keep more in the FC’s to avoid running out.

Items that are not selling slip in sales rank. The clock doesn’t stop if they are out of stock. Same as if they are in stock but just not selling.


Sales Rank is the rank of the sales. If other items are getting bought while yours is not, their items go up and yours goes down.

If you have a product that competes with others and you are the only seller for yours, you will need to plan to keep sufficient stock.

Keep some backup stock at your own location for FBM to keep the listing active when there is a gap between selling out and restock arriving into stock.



Fulfillment Centers (warehouses).



You can do either.

I suggest having a separate FBM and FBA listing with different pricing since your shipping costs will result in a different total price than the price with FBA fees.

I also suggest that you set the Start Selling Date to a future date for the one that you want to be inactive.

For example, if in stock with FBA, set the date for FBM to the future.

Once out of stock, set the FBM date to current until you have FBA stock again.

Customers behave strangely when you have both listings active. It is an acceptable practice, but it is better not to compete against yourself.



Thank You Dave, Do I need to make a whole new listing with fbm or is there a way to make a single listing fba and fbm?


FC’s ?


Sales Rank is a factor of time since last sale, not popularity. If your items are out of stock that number is obviously going to get worse since you aren’t selling any.

Search results are based on many unknown factors. I would assume # in stock, frequency of sales, and sakes rank are all factors, and each of those go negative when you are out of stock. So sellers hurt themselves in many ways when they are out of stock, not just in immediate lost sales. do everything you can to keep your items in stock.


Can you elaborate on the strange behavior you’ve seen? We usually have both active and haven’t noticed anything particularly strange. People rarely pick the merchant fulfilled one (even when it’s faster to where they are, and cheaper).


That is part of it.

Many customers don’t see FBA as an added value unless they get free shipping for a large enough order. They will compare what they are going to pay and will often go for the lowest price. Prime customers expect Prime service even from FBM sellers and will complain when they don’t get it.

Some customers will choose the FBM service because they expect it to be faster, but they want the total price to be as good as FBA. When you have both offers, you will see more haggling.

Customers will also consider seeing the multple offers as somewhat of a cheat, even though they are permitted for the FBA/FBM pair. They will believe that they are being tricked into making the wrong choice.


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