Our tradition once again: Last item sold in 2020, first item sold in 2021


Last item 2020 - Springsteen LP
First item 2021 - Stephen Stills LP


XBOX series X
2021 ps4 madden game


Last: Return of the Phantom PC game
First: Diddy Kong Racing N64 game


I don’t even sell books and I’m enjoying this thread.


We do coat of arms family history and crest prints

Last item of the year 2020:
Goudie of the Clan MacPherson - Scottish Clan & Sept History 3 Print Combo - Tartan, Buckle, Crest, Genealogy, Family Tree Research

First item of 2021: Slipp - Coat of Arms, Crest & History 3 Print Combo - Surname Origin: German Germany


Oh I so know this. My father, was not a fan of his, I will not go into further detail, this was the 1960’s and we have evolved since then, even if some groups do not think so.

My mother hid the album from him and and would only pull it out to put on the phonograph when she knew he would not be home.


I am not in the book biz, but I make furnture lifters. My products help people get high. LOL.


Last item: " Stephane Grappelli: With and Without Django" (book) - to a patient buyer who paid for expedited shipping, go it shipped Priority Mail immediately, and had to wait 2 weeks while the sabotaged, crippled USPS limped it to his door, and wrote back graciously to my apology and offer of return/refund before its arrival.

I usually don’t sell books on Amazon because the fees are higher than for many other items, but this one was high-buck enough to be worth a try selling it both here and on eBay.

First item this year: nothing yet. Once the embargo lifts on toy selling for small operators, my first sale will likely be the 8 cars in the 2018 Hot Wheels Honda 70th Anniversary set.


Last item sold in 2020: Psych College Textbook
First item sold in 2021: “Bullet Proof Diet”


Last book: Holy Bible: PTL Parallel Edition
First Book: The Backyard Harvest


Last 2020: Blaze and the Indian Cave, C.W. Anderson

First 2021: The Sea of Cortez (Ray Cannon, not Steinbeck), 1st Printing


Last 2020: Bible Readings on Hope by Roger Palms
First 2021: Inked Up by Terri Thayer


We like the vintage vinyl!


2020: Lego Star Wars “Tie Striker” 75154 new in box
2021: Transformers Power of Primes Dinobot Legends Slash (part of “volcanicus” combiner)


12/31 last Order was Porsche 911: Guide to Purchase and D.I.Y. Restoration (Foulis Motoring Book)

1/1/ 1st Order was Freedom from Back Pain by Edward Abraham (Author)


2020: Ontel Micro Mechanic ODB2 Check Engine Diagnostic Tool Scanner
2021: TIME Magazine: The Science of Happiness

Weirdly someone purchased four copies of that magazine. I hope their year is as happy as the cover.


My favorite thread each year.

Last sold: Madame Bovary
First sold: Broad Horizon: I Fear No Boundaries

That was followed closely by a book on Zen Meditation Masters.

So a tough year ends with a sale of a tragedy and a new year starts with boldness, hope and peace. That’s a true-to-life serendipity I can live with.

Happy New Year.


Last item sold in 2020: More Goon Show Scripts Second Series
First item sold in 2021: Miles Davis/ Sorcerer LP [Vinyl]


Last book sold in 2020: In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire, Tom Holland

First title sold in this new year: The Architecture of Trees, Cesare Leonardi


Totally awesome book