Our tradition once again: Last item sold in 2020, first item sold in 2021


Starting this up once again, for me:

Last item sold in 2020: “The Penkovskiy Papers” by Oleg Penkovskiy.

First item sold in 2021: “Judy’s Band” by Bernice Crawford and Martha Miller

And you?


last book 2020 ‘crippled america’ donald trump first book 2021 ‘brave new world’ aldous huxley how ironic in this time


Last item sold and shipped: Instructions to Light-Keepers by Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers

Then another item sold which I cancelled (invalid delivery address-prison): The Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling

First item sold: The Nationalism Reader


Last book - The Edinburgh Companion to the Gaelic Language
First book - Painting Skies (Watercolour Painting Tips & Techniques)


Last of 2020, Thorne Smith Triplets with a nurse pushing a baby pram with the titles riding upright.
First of 2021, Go and Find Wind with a triple mast sailing ship.
Triples and DJ’s are the common so far.


Last of 2020 - Pimsleur Instant Conversation - Korean
First of 2021 - The World of Tiers by Philip Farmer


Last of 2020, The Kingdom of Kush: The Napatan and Meroitic Empires
First o f2021, Say Little, Do Much: Nursing, Nuns, and Hospitals in the Nineteenth Century
Nancy in Texas


Nice! Hardcover or paperback?

I sold a copy in 2019 that I had had in my inventory for years. Made me happy.


sallyanne, paperback–like new
Nancy in Texas


Watched this thread in past years, never participated. Thought it was always about books…


Last Item sold, “Birthday Milestone Board for Dogs with Party Theme” A product we manufacture, COVID-19 proof since people are stuck with animals at home.

First item sold, “North America Laminated Gloss Full Color Time Zone Area Code Map” because I think everyone is planning to be working from home in the 2021 ‘Winter of Darkness’ shutdown on the horizon. Of note, big run on this item in the last two weeks.


My last sale of 2020 was a copy of a Playstation 2 game called Flipnic.

And as of a little over half an hour ago, my first sale of 2021 was a copy of Nat King Cole’s album The Christmas Song on vinyl

Clearly Christmas isn’t done torturing me yet, because I play all my used and collectible vinyl before shipment to guarantee quality…


Last Sale of 2020: X by Ed Sheeran (LP)
First Sale of 2021: X by Ed Sheeran (LP)

It’s that time of year where I’m going to be messing up the dates for the next few days


No, it can be about any kind of sales.

One year, a seller said their last purchase was some kind of hot sauce, and the first one was an anti-diarrhea remedy. Not from the same person, either. LOL


Last book of 2020: The Trail of the Sandhill Stag by Ernest Seton-Thompson 1900 second printing
First book of 2021: (crickets)

Well, I asked for change in the new year…


Last Sale of 2020: Vintage Vinyl Diana Ross
First Sale of 2021: Vintage Vinyl Peter, Paul and Mary

Resurgence of Vinyl!



Last book 2020: The Collected Stories of Mavis Gallant

First of 2021: The Shadow Warriors: O.S.S. and the Origins of the C.I.A.
Hardcovers, both.

Don’t know what the purchases portend-probably nuthin’!

Counting up 2020 categories so far-sold 20% more American history paperbacks than usual. Since I’m a history freak, glad to see Americans reading-and perhaps, making their own decisions, about their past.


Last Book 2020 Santa’s Book of Names
First Book 2021 The Bravest Fish Saves the Day


Last: Little, Big by John Crowley.
First: English translation of The Ugly Swans by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, signed by both! Hope it gets to its destination someday.


Amazon sales have been pretty pathetic the last couple months, my last and first sales were on the bay.

Last 2020: Tube TV
First 2021: Broken VCR (its a somewhat obscure kind, so still worth something)


Last: Strangers and Brothers Volume 3 by DP Snow
First: Action at Beecher Island by Dee Brown