OTP Text Every Two Hours


I have been getting OTP (One Time Password) Texts to my phone every 2 hours and 1 minute since December 11th. It must be a software because the timing is so precise each time. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea how to make it stop?

Thanks in advance.


Same here - but since December 14th, for me. Haven’t identified the culprit.


[request for moderator assistance and research for this issue]

Can you please look into this OP’s issue to see if it is an Amazon issue, or otherwise.


Same here!
I changed my password which fixed it for a few days. Then it started again. It has to be tied to an app or browser trying to sign in. I can’t figure out where it’s coming from though.


Dear Fellow Boulderite.

We are having the same OTP issue. Have you gotten any resolution.

45 OTP messages in since Jan 29th.

Where do we go from here?

Joe and Ted


I think it has to do with the browser. Edge browser on Windows 10, get it often. Safari browser on macOS, rarely.


Thank you for your comment.

These are coming into my phone. I am using Chrome on my PC.

However, I will take your concerns and clean my cache. Also, I will try running through Firefox.

My best to you.

Happy selling.

Ted and Joe


Are you sure that these texts are from amazon, and not by someone who tries to hack to your account ?


I also use the 1Password app which has built in 2FA ability. It automatically generates the code and pastes it in when required. No extra steps.


Hum - great question. The message says it is from Amazon but that could simply be an inserted text.

We have changed the password. That may change things.

The SMS message is coming from 2629xx. This is listed to Amazon Shipment Updates. I am wondering if I asked for incremental tracking updates. I will go through my orders and see if there is any correlation.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Ted and Joe


same here! when I log in Amazon force me to change password and require OTP via phone