OTP not working EVERYTIME!


Every single time the OTP sent to my phone is “incorrect.” How is this possible with a billion dollar company? Even a broken watch is right twice a day. Pull it together Amazon.


First, you should not use SMS for OTP. Get an authentication app. Security experts state that the texts are bad. I only use it as a backup. Open my phone and sign in.

We only OTP maybe once a month. Not really a problem and I have seen posts on this forum, where they start getting a ton of OTP when they were not requesting it. This saved someones account.


I’m not using OTP by choice. When I go to log on with my phone it makes me every time. 1) why is it always wrong? 2) what do you mean don’t use it?

I’m fairly certain my password is sufficient. I has been for 25 years.


The authentication app is more secure. Are you using the Seller app from Amazon and checking the box to not ask?


Im talking about when I go to Amazon.com to buy anything. I just disabled it. Freedom!


Time for a password update if it’s been 25 years! Use a secure password generator.

This sounds as if Amazon’s systems are identifying your ISP as high risk, so it’s frequently asking for codes. In my experience, I would stop using that for Amazon completely in case the system locks you out.

That aside re: OTP. Clear all your browser cookies and start afresh, which might help. Then yes as @JwsMarket states, actually SMS codes shouldn’t be used - insecure plus they are a trace for exactly what you’re doing - if bad actors get access to your cellphone providers system, they could quickly identify you as an Amazon user/seller and target you accordingly (via traffic analysis - they wouldn’t need to access the actual messages). In any event it’s a weakness, so use an authenticator app.