Orders Report no longer has customer info unless it is scheduled


We are using the Amazon MWS API GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_ORDER_DATE to get orders. But as of yesterday the customer info is blank except for recipient city, states, zip,. No name or address to ship the items.

This occurs even if the client pulls an order report manually from the Amazon screens. But if he SCHEDULES the report the customer info is there.

But from our app we do not get the customer info. The only API documents do not seem to cover a change in this method GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_ORDER_DATE that I can see nor do I understand if there is a way to schedule it via the API and how that process would work.

Please help.


Sounds like your developer account lost access to PII data. Amazon sent out an email last year asking developers to answer a survey. If you didn’t do this or did not meet their requirements, they stated that they would be removing PII data.


I would suggest you view your case log to see if there has been any communication from Amazon that you have missed.

Your case log is here:

It seems Amazon is going through long time developer accounts and turning off PII if the company had not successfully submitted the new (new as in the last year) developer questionnaire, or did not answer it correctly. Multiple companies have contacted me recently about this happening to them.

In one case they were not getting the communication from Amazon (or it was getting ignored). In another case the developer who answered the questionnaire had not studied the requirements and answered the questionnaire incorrectly. In a third case they were getting notices from Amazon but did not understand that the notices meant PII was getting turned off. The notice from Amazon says something like “your account is getting adjusted per attached document” but doesn’t clearly say in the email text that name and address will be blanked out starting in X number of days. So if you didn’t study the attachment, you may not realize what is going to happen.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA