Ordering Max Quantity = Anxiety


When you get orders of max quantity, do you guys get anxiety that it may be a competitor looking to return your product damaged & leave a negative review?

I set my max order quantity to “5”, and I rarely, rarely get max quantity orders except for 5 minutes ago… Is there anything we can do to counter this?


I mean no disrespect. But, if someone buying your max quantity makes you nervous, why would you set it to that number? I’m not sure what the item is. So 5 could be crazy or no big deal. But still, if you don’t want someone to get 5 you should not have set the max at 5.

Also, there is nothing really to “counter” – unless you’re looking to just cancel the order?


Yeah I set it to the max 5 because the product could be used for either really huge events (which is quite possible) or a competitor to return the goods and hurt my profit. Is a coinflip really.


If they order and refund, is there anything I can do about this? Will they be able to order again?


Only a couple of options exists, they really do need that many, a competitor will return 5 damaged items and hope you get off their “honey pot” retail arbitrage item, lastly they will email and say I only got 2 of the 5 items and the box is not damaged " how do you intend to resolve this". All are bad and not much you can do.


Personally I allow a buyer to buy my entire inventory if they want. (the most in one order was for about 80 pieces)
I have never had a problem and save a lot on the cost of shipping.


Okay so update: I found out the customer that ordered max quantity of “5” units also ordered “3” units 9 days ago but did not return…yet. What’s the likelihood of them returning them all at once?



Who knows?? Return window is 30 days. Are these expensive? Why are you so worried?


I would not worry about it until something happens. Now days its much easier to weaponize policy or do black hat to your account.

Its also assumed your items are trinkets and priced accordingly. If those items were high value and over your comfort level for a hit I would at least ship each one in its own box.

Sad part is so many activist buyers on this site burning sellers it makes even the good and honest buyers seem suspicious when they order more than one item.

If they do burn you or it works out for the better please let all of us know.


Sounds to me more like you landed yourself a good repeat customer that does events.

Not every customer is a scammer like these forums would leave you to believe.


If this is stressing you out then retail sales may not be for you. All businesses involve risk and reward. It seems apparent that you are okay with the reward but having issue with assuming the risk. It is possible that the customer is going to want to return the item. It is even more likely, that for some perfectly valid reason they legitimately want your product.
Ultimately, the decision is your but if this is making you uncomfortable, you might want to consider a different revenue stream model.


Agree with these sentiments. Ship the products. Always use Buy Shipping to cover your butt, do sigcon if they’re really expensive.

Returns aren’t scams, they’re part of life here.


I would love to have the problem of selling too much.


I list my items for sale and do not understand why anyone would limit the number of items anyone can buy in a single order. (I guess it may make a difference what you are selling)
I find that for most of the items I sell I can save a lot of money on the postage when a buyer orders a multiple quantity of an item in a single order.


Promotions of various kinds can also produce a need for setting Max Quantity to some finite number; there are a few other situations where it’s a Best Practice, but by and large I’m with you: the more, the merrier…


My shipping is fulfilled by Amazon.

And the reason it worries me is because it has happened before due to ill will of a competitor. I have no issue with customers returning items, but when a competitor is involved it’s an entirely different story and one which you guys seem to have little to no experience with…


That does not work…all the buyers do is place multiple orders of the max quantity that is set.

Only thing that works is to set he overall quantity available to 1 or what ever and babysit the item.