Order thru B2B but shipping to person at residential address


Order thru B2B but shipping to person at residential address and not a commercial address. Prices in b2b reflect commercial delivery not residential.


I am sure many businesses are run from home

Why does it have to be a business address?


You have to figure that a higher percentage of “business” buyers will have commercial “ship-to” addresses, but certainly not 100%.

There are many “home-based” businesses and many business people who will choose to have the delivery at their house. It would be nice if we could save that residential surcharge on all “business” orders but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work in our favor.

I am frustrated with this because I bought the house next to mine to run my business. The house is simply a shell with hard, bare floors and no kitchen (no longer a residential building), but I cannot get UPS to reclassify it as a business address.

If I print a label from me to a business, it goes out at one price. If I print a label for the return trip (same two addresses) a residential surcharge and extended area delivery surcharge are added.

So, an outbound label is about $4.50 cheaper than inbound between the same address pairs.


You could have a warehouse instead of a former single family home and UPS/FedEx would still most likely not consider it commercial. I believe it is about density. Our commercial location has like 20 addresses in basically one parking lot.


Do you know that Almighty God, Jeff Besos, himself started operations from his home garage?
As did Bill Gates and many other tycoons.


For all we know the real Almighty God started working from home.


You do, presumably, realize that many of your fellow forum sellers are responding to this thread from their own home-based-businesses.


Your second house is in a residential zone. UPS will never change the designation to a business address. File with the Zoning Board of Appeals in your town to change the zoning. Good luck!


Businesses are treated differently from residents in many, many different ways.

And pretty much always for the worse (worse for the business that is).

Electric rates are just one example.


I understand the reasoning and the cause.

I was merely posting an example for the OP that there were many reasons a “business” order would be addressed to a “residential” address.

I’ve gotten USPS and FedEx to recognize the business, but UPS is a little more stubborn.

That would be a safe assumption, but no … agricultural/mixed use. Thanks for the advice.


Color me shocked that fee hungry UPS is being stubborn. They’re worse than a bank, but they (generally) offer the best service.


Many small businesses are based in residences. Including so many sellers here.

The IRS has clearly defined the rules for home based businesses.

This isn’t unusual at all.