Order Reports - MWS vs. SP-API


We are about to transition from MWS Order Reports to SP-API Order Reports. Both offer the capability to schedule reports, for example for a new order report to be generated every 15 minutes.

Question: If we schedule order reports using SP-API, will this affect our scheduled reports in MWS? We want to be able to test our processes side-by-side, so that orders will appear in BOTH sets of reports (the ones scheduled from MWS and also the ones scheduled from SP-API).

Has anyone else had scheduled reports running from both, and can confirm that they are independent and don’t affect each other?



I believe that these reports are not independent. Instead they both retrieve the same report.


Hello @CPO_Outlets. Thanks for checking in with us on the Seller Forums.

I checked in with our partner team, who provided the following guidance:

For MWS vs. SP-API migration-related questions, please visit our Migration Hub. That will have announcements, FAQs, and the developer support path for you to get your answer resolved.

If you still need assistance, try opening a Developer Support case and selecting “SP-API Migration” as the Issue Type.