Order Reports in SPI-API vs. MWS


We are in the process of converting our seller-fulfilled order workflow from MWS to SP-API. There are some finer points about the process that aren’t described at all in the documentation, and anyone who can offer insights into the following questions is welcome to chime in!

Here is our current MWS workflow:

  • We have Order Reports (GET_ORDERS_DATA) running as Scheduled XML reports every 15 minutes.
  • Our download process runs every 20 minutes and makes a request to retrieve all unacknowledged order reports.
  • When we process an order report successfully into our fulfillment system, we make a MWS call to acknowledge the report. This makes the report not appear in the next query.

With our new SP-API workflow, we plan to still use the Scheduled XML reports (GET_ORDER_REPORT_DATA_SHIPPING), scheduled every 15 minutes. Here are the questions we have about that:

  • The SPI-API does not appear to have the same “acknowledgement” workflow as MWS, correct?
  • Given the lack of acknowledgement workflow in SP-API:
    • We plan on storing the processed report ids on our side, and when we retrieve the list of scheduled reports, we will ignore the ones that we have already processed successfully.
    • Any plans to implement report acknowledgement in the future?
  • We are assuming that each individual order will appear in one and only one scheduled report. Correct?
  • When we set up the order report schedule using SP-API, will this affect the MWS scheduled reports? We would like to test our new workflow side-by-side with the existing one, so we are hoping that if we set up scheduled reports using SP-API, it will have no effect on the MWS scheduled reports (in other words, orders will show up in BOTH sets of order reports) – is this correct?
  • How long do the scheduled XML reports persist?