Order defeckt rate


Greetings friends.
I received bad feedback 1 week ago. The order defect rate is increasing from 1% to 10% and on average 12%-15%-16.50% every day. I look at it, only the feedback given as a problem is visible…
I don’t have any other feedback. I only have one bad feedback.
what to do


The order defect rate (ODR) is a key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience. ODR represents the percentage of orders with one or more indicators of poor customer service during a given 60-day time period.

Just keep selling and hopefully there are no more issues and your ODR will return to normal.

Order defect rate:


ok. my odr rate is increasing day by day. i’m worried about the account being suspended. what would you knit?


What is causing it to rise?

  • Negative Feedback Rate
  • A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate
  • Credit Card Chargeback Rate

You are going to need to figure out what is going on and get a handle on it.


I got negative feedback 1 week ago. It increased from 1% to 12%
I looked today and it was 16.50%. I can’t understand the reason. I wonder. I haven’t paid back to the customer yet, could it be because of him??


A different scarf than the one which you have apparently managed to find yourself strangling upon.

I hope you will not take offense, but I suspect much of the difficulty you are having with Amazon is centered upon an inability to communicate what you are trying to write. It is best to use short, well-constructed sentences using correct English when communicating with Amazon - or, for that matter, when seeking the help of your fellow members of our Seller Community here in the various ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”).

Do you have someone who could help you that is fluent in English?


yes i know that i’m sorry about that
I am writing via Google Translate.


The customer bought the product and did not like this product and gave bad fedback. This situation increased the odr 10%
when i checked today it was 16%. i didn’t get any other bad fedback.
The customer requested a return and I sent the return label but I have not yet refunded the cost. I think this might be the reason


my odr rate is increasing day by day. i’m worried about the account being suspended.

You shouldn’t have reason to worry, unless you have additional problems.

ODR is based on two numbers:

  • Total number of defects in the rating period
  • Total number of orders in the rating period

Defects / Total Orders = ODR

If either number in the equation changes, your ODR will also change. But only a change in defects means you are doing worse.

I received bad feedback 1 week ago. The order defect rate is increasing from 1% to 10%

That means you had 1 defect and only 10 total orders.
1 divided by 10 = 10%

and on average 12%-15%-16.50% every day

This means that your number of total orders was shrinking, while the number of defects stayed the same:

  • 1 defect out of 9 orders = 11.1% ODR
  • 1 / 8 orders = 12.5% ODR
  • 1 / 7 orders = 14.3% ODR
  • 1 / 6 orders = 16.7% ODR

ODR is updated once a day, and the number of defects, the number of total orders, or both, may change.

The current rating period is 5/3 - 7/1:

Tomorrow, the rating period will switch to 5/4 - 7/2. Any orders/defects from 5/3 will fall off, and any new orders/defects from 7/2 will be added in.
The next day, the range will shift to 5/5 - 7/3, then 5/6 - 7/4 and so on.

If you have 10 total orders today, but one of those order was from 5/3, then tomorrow, when 5/3 falls out of the rating range, you will only have 9 total orders, and your ODR will be higher.

The only ways to reduce your ODR is to:

  • Have less defects (wait for the date of the defect to fall out of the rating range)
  • Have more total orders

As far as suspensions go, Amazon looks at ODR to judge your performance. A higher ODR due to an increase in defects represents bad performance, but a higher number due only to a decrease in orders doesn’t.


It is always a good idea to translate into the second language you want, then translate that back to your language. It may help you rephrase or use different words.

Just as an example – in translating from English to other language, I would choose the word “message” rather than other words with a similar meaning, even if those words are more accurate in my English statement – words like “letter” or “note”



This is Noor from Amazon to help you with your concerns. Based on my observations from your post, I want to provide you with a sense of direction moving forward.

As correctly mentioned by @Medic,
there are multiple factors that contribute into an account’s order defect rate. Like, negative feed backs, poor customer service, product delivered is defective/damaged/different, charge back claims, etc…

Order defect rate is calculated In 60 days windows. The number of orders you have received in a specific window and number of order defects will have an impact on the metric.

For more information and details on it you can click here.

You can also reach out to the account health support team for more clarifications.

I hope my response is beneficial towards your business.

Thanks & Regards,


sir.the information you have given is very descriptive.thank you for your help


Thank you very much for the information you provide.


Were you deactivated when it hit 16% ? Or are you still selling?


Hello, my account is not deactivated, but the buyboxes are gone. Amazon says we want to know that orders have actually reached customers.
There was no warning in the seller account, they only reported it by mail.
I sent an e-mail twice. But they still send the same e-mail and ask for the same documents.
I do not know what will I do??