Only getting negative seller feedback.... [Feedback Type Classification]


Only Getting Negative Seller Feedback

For some reason of luck or misfortune, I keep getting bombarded with negative seller feedback. Have been selling for years but raked in less than 25 feedback in that time frame (for newbies, this is different from product reviews).

Overall FBA Rate: 2 out of 100 orders, >50% of them are negative. Each negative dips sales by 33%.

Things I tried in the past:

  • Thank you notes: gets about 5% boost in FBA but incites scammers to complain for “partial refunds” and outright “free products”.
  • Discounted Returns: When re-boxing returns and selling used, even if it’s a 9/10 condition IRL, I write has tons of scratches and advertise as 6/10. What is a customer going to do, complain they got a better product? Most of the time people still complain as if they were expecting used for 75% off the tag.
  • Partial Refunds: sometimes people ask “how to” questions, I help them out, and end up giving a partial refund as a good will gesture (say I’ve given 20% off this order) and while they say kind words over messages they never leave positive feedback and we can’t explicitly ask for it.

Any thoughts?

Just curious to see if there’s anyone else in this situation. I see sellers with like 5,000+ feedback and 99.999999% positive and am surprised how that’s even possible now. These are my thoughts on the different types of customers and feedback that is a widespread systemic issue. Personally, I’m happy with the volume of sales in FBA versus doing merchant fulfilled on other channels. I’d love to learn how people score big with seller feedback.

Customer Feedback Types

40% Anti-Trust Competitors
a. There seems to be a systemic issue on Amazon with competitors ordering to wrong addresses and immediately leaving negative feedback.

No Amazon Action: Refuse to remove the feedback even though it’s blatantly obvious the orders are fake names, timestamps of orders are middle of the night (cyber goons from china?)

25% Return Scammers
b. Most often use rude language, turn to calling the seller a fraud, a cheat, a liar, and threaten legal action to counter the fact they’re going to steal goods. Tend to leave negative feedback and return back products with a different serial number, damaged goods, or outright empty stuff (ex. steal the Blender and return the power cable only)

No Amazon Action: Reported fraud customers but no action or reimbursement was ever given. It’s not shipping damage, it’s “customer damaged

15% Picky Customers
c. When I resell returns as used goods, people complain about the condition as having scratches… what were they expecting? (even if it’s marked as Used - Acceptable and I explicitly say it’s a 5/10 condition; when IRL it’s more like a 8/10 and maybe it was taken out of the box once)

No Amazon Action: This is not a product review; just bend over and give the customer a free product.

15% Misleading & Confused Customers
d. Leave negative feedback for no apparent reason other than “doesn’t work, not compatible”. Even though the return item works fine, they couldn’t figure out how to use it.

No Amazon Action: Refuses to remove them, negative feedback left within 7 days stays permanent no matter the reason, be it product review or customer stupidity. Unless the box was squashed in shipping and the customer said so, it stays.

5% Genuine Customers
e. Real honest feedback about how they would trust me as a seller, recommend, or even would repurchase in the future.

Thanks for any responses!


I totally understand your frustration! It seems buyers with good experiences are never writing reviews while a competitor who buys your item leaves a negative review before it’s even delivered or for an order being canceled after several times of trying to contact the customer and them not getting back to you about an address issue etc. It seems like everyday we are under fire. I’ve tried to fight reviews of competitors who write reviews before the item was even delivered and amazon does not care.