Only able to ship FedEx Express?


Ground options will not pop up. Anyone know what is going on? Why is this a consistent thing with Amazon and FedEx?


We have the same issue


Im hoping its just today, i had to ship 80 prime order UPS. Lost money on 60% of them. This is nonsense


I am seeing FedEx ground and 2day show up.


I am having the same issue. I noticed it last night at 10pm when I tried to print labels for today’s shipment. No Fedex Ground, but UPS Ground shows up as an option. Additional information; I am a Seller Fulfilled Prime, using my own connected Fedex carrier account, for Regional Prime orders.


IF you are doing SFP that option was removed a few days ago. The only suggestion I have is to take the hit and not use the buy button, use a 3p software and insert tracking information IF you are sure that the orders will get there on time. Explain to the SFP team in advance what you are doing and the loss you will take using alternate services and your goal is to keep the customers happy and get their orders to them on time with out taking a massive loss. I can not guarantee this will work but I did it the other day when buy shipping was down and they were understanding. Honesty works


We are having same issue. It shows wrong delivery date for FedEx, we compared it directly with FedEx website. Something is off…


Amazon is being unrealistic in their handling of Holiday shipping with FedEx Ground. We are unable to print a FedEx Ground label for an SFP address ONE state over, even though FedEx states it will be delivered in two days.

BTW - Received the following email on December 5th

Dear Seller,

This is an update on carrier service restrictions that will be in effect from Dec 16th to Dec 31st. Starting Dec 16th, carriers will increase their service standard transit times for some of their shipping methods. This may result in some of these ship methods being unavailable in Buy Shipping services. Work directly with your carriers to determine the impact these carrier service restrictions have on your business and plan ahead to avoid any issues with your holiday orders.

Below are the holiday schedules published by the carriers (please review the fine print):

a) USPS:
b) UPS:
c) FedEx:
d) Ontrac:
*** Please note, you will have to maintain Buy Shipping usage rate of 99% during this period. If you have additional questions on the holiday schedule, please contact your local carrier representative.

Thank you,
The Seller Fulfilled Prime team


Yep, I’ve emailed them and are awaiting a response. Im just going to ship UPS for the day. I’ve got my rep and his higher up involved. Im obviously realistic as to what will happen, but its worth it for the 0.0000000000001% chance that fedex confronts Amazon. Hopefully they contact me before Monday, because that is exactly what I will do.


Just sharing our observations as we are having the same issue, i.e things that should be eligible for Fed ground and Home are not allowing that ship via, but are forcing to 2day options. Located in Indiana, so typically a good footprint for both UPS and Fed. In our case I am only seeing a rare occasion where UPS is popping up as a ship option while Fed ground is greyed out. In most cases I am being pushed to 2nd day options (Priority Mail a lot which I find interesting given Amazon’s penchant to not trust USPS transits), and both Fed and UPS ground are greyed out.

I have the recent email from SFP support showing the expected transit days for each carrier and in almost all cases where I am not being allowed to ship Fed Ground, the matrix they sent shows it should be eligible. Ie. Illinois should be ground eligible, it is not showing. But Louisiana popped up as ground eligible and it should NOT be.

I asked for new transit time matrix by carrier for my zip reports to see if anything changed from yesterday to today. If it has then that explains it, and I will mod my Prime. If not, well back to the drawing board.


I created a thread last night about this. Seems like all delivery dates on FedEx Ground/HD, Amazon is adding +1 delivery day.


I read your note on that as well and it certainly looks like that is the case. But what I find confusing is that they have not changed the Transit Time report they use to calculate carrier eligibility. Hence why I wonder if they have a bug/snag.

But most likely you are correct they just added a day to the transits for Fed and maybe UPS (see my other note about rate of occurrence) but not to USPS PM.

Here is what I sent earlier to see to rep.

Yesterday we received the attached Buy Shipping Service Reports for Fed Ex Ground and Home service with the following statement;

  1. Row 2 shows the days to deliver, i.e. transit time (TT):

             a. If the TT is 1 or 2, that ship method should be available for Prime orders throughout the full week for the percentages outlined for each Shipping Region.

This morning when we began shipping our Prime orders we noticed that our Fed Ex options are greyed out other than 2 day air. In each of the below cases the customers address is listed in the chart as 100% serviced in TT of 1 or 2. All orders listed have a requested ship date of today.

Curious if there was an adjustment made to the transit days or if there is something else is up. We have had to suspend offering Prime for the time being.

And then I kicked over examples. We will see.

Thank you


Yep i don’t get it, this is when automated isn’t automated lol. If you your automated systems say ground can’t get there then why did you let a order get placed in your automated templates!


Amazon thinks it won’t get there on time if you ship it ground. Adjust your shipping settings to add some extra time for the holiday delivery schedules.


SFP-Performance replied, but did not address my question about being on an automated template that only has Ground options selected:

Buy Shipping takes into account your ship-from location, the promised delivery date, and information about the available shipping services to provide you only shipping services that reliably meet the promised delivery date to protect the Customer experience.

As a result, the availability of UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders may be limited in certain regions, where these services do not meet the customer promised delivery date. If these services are unavailable for some of your orders, please select an alternative shipping service to fulfill your Prime orders.

It is a requirement to buy ship labels for at least 99% of your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders from the Buy Shipping services.

Thank you,
The Seller Fulfilled Prime team


For what it’s worth, I have had two packages in the past week as a buyer that we’re shipped FedEx ground, and one was two days late and the other was three days late. (NY) Its performing the worst this Christmas in my admittedly limited sample set.


Received last night:

Buy Shipping takes into account your ship-from location, the promised delivery date, and information about the available shipping methods to provide you only those ship methods that reliably meet the promised delivery date to protect the customer experience. We have seen a drop in the delivery performance of FedEx Ground and FedEx Home ship methods for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) shipments. To protect Prime customer experience, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home will be temporarily unavailable in Buy Shipping for Prime shipments, effective 12/16 2PM EST until the delivery performance of these ship methods improves. Note that FedEx Express ship methods will still be available in Buy Shipping for Prime shipments.

Please select an alternative ship method to fulfill your Prime orders, or turn off your Prime badge if you are unable to ship with an alternate ship method in Buy Shipping. FedEx Ground and FedEx Home will continue to be available for standard shipments.


is fedex 2 day considered ground? I am not clear where this is leaving us as far as fedex options.


Fedex 2 day is Express. That will not be affected. Only Fedex Ground and Home.


Hello @Smart_Parts_Co,

Please note that there was a second email sent after the one you quote above. The effective date was changed from 12/16 to 12/18. The complete text is as follows:

Dear Seller,

This is a follow up to the email that was sent earlier this evening on the FedEx Home and Ground ship methods availability in Buy Shipping. The earlier message was sent in error and we regret any inconvenience caused.

Due to the delivery performance of FedEx Home and Ground ship methods, these ship methods will be unavailable in Buy Shipping for Prime shipments effective Wednesday 12/18 2PM EST (not Monday 12/16 2PM EST as communicated earlier). All orders taken until 12/18 at 2PM EST can continue to use FedEx Home and FedEx Ground ship methods.

In case of any questions or clarifications, please contact

Thank you,

The Seller Fulfilled Prime team