ONCe I put order in for Multi Channel options where can i find the tracking number?


Is there a place to find the multi Channel tracking number of packages that I just shipped out?


You SHOULD set your own order number when you create the MCF shipment. Mine comes from my website and is included in the message the website sends to Amazon for the order. When I need to do it manually, I enter the order number my website would have generated.

When you don’t set one, Amazon generates a random looking character string.

You can look at “non-Amazon” shipments under Manage Order to see what is there and then make note of what Amazon generated, but it is best to be proactive and always set your own order number that you can link back to the order placed on the other sales channel.


I had the same issue. Sadly amazon does not generate a tracking number until it is shipped… Go to your orders then you will see 3 tabs on the order. The second tab once amazon ships will have your tracking number. This can be a day or so. So if you are using mcf it looks like you did not ship for a day or 2 that you just ignored the order. We were going to do this for everything but are pulling it back as Amazons procedures looks bad for us. Dont listen to the product support like I did. The told me the order number could be used as a tracking number. I followed this instruction for a week only to have mad customers lol.

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