Offer free returns for US seller-fulfilled items


Free returns for seller-fulfilled items can improve customers’ experiences on Amazon and boost your sales.

Starting October 28, 2021, you will have the ability to offer free returns on your items. You may offer free returns for your entire selection by signing up at an account level or on specific items by uploading a selected list of SKUs. Customers will see a Free Returns badge on the item details page and on the Online Return Center for all your enrolled items.

By offering free returns, you are unable to deduct the return shipping amount from the refund for in-policy returns, irrespective of the return reason. In cases where no prepaid return label was offered and the buyer has shipped the item back, you are required to refund the return shipping amount to the buyer.

For more information, go to Free returns for seller-fulfilled orders.

Refunds for returns upon first label scan now?!?
Suddenly amazon doing returnless refunds for MF
Bought by mistake ,no longer need it and first scan refunds
Free Returns

Please elaborate. We are still offering 30 days mandatory return. It’s up to 120 days during holiday season.

Do you mean free return for unlimited period?


Sure. It’s the way Amazon wants us to work. Check other threads with returns of damaged items after several years of use.


Amazon is now allowing FBM orders to be returned without charging the customer a return shipping fee.


HALLOWEEN IS COMING, and it is TRICK or TREAT from Amazon.

How let me see if I get this right.

  1. RFS ALREADY gives the buyer a full free return shipping as soon as the item is scanned in transit.
  2. THE TRICK: By enrolling is this scheme, the seller gives up the right to collect the the return shipping with a Safe-T claim.
  3. THE TREAT: All for the gift from Amazon of a little badge.

THE REALITY: Hopefully, most sellers can see thru this scheme intended to cut back on the massive refunds Amazon must be paying out due to fraudulent return by buyers.


Instead of implementing policies that force buyers to be a little more thoughtful about their purchases, you keep implementing policies that make the situation worse for third party sellers.

If a buyer knows that they’re going to have to pay to return an item, they’ll make sure they’ve selected the correct color, size, quantity, etc., before they make their purchase. But if they know it’s “free” returns then they don’t really give a damn. So they order our product, try it on, wear it for a couple days then decide they don’t like the fit, then return it and order a different size. They get the new size, repeat the whole process then decide that they liked how the first size fit instead so they return the second item and order the first again. Meanwhile, I’m paying for shipping back and forth and footing the bill for their indecision. Oh, and those items they’ve returned, I can’t sell them because they smell like crap.

Free returns aren’t free. Someone has to pay for that. We know the buyer isn’t paying and Amazon isn’t paying. So guess who pays…me.

Unfudging real.


or how about this, force all the shipping carriers to Refund sellers shipping fees back also ? [ ya right ! ]


Maybe Amazon should offer and cover this for the sellers and buyers


I’m a bookseller, not a librarian.


How can they even state: By offering free returns, you are unable to deduct the return shipping amount from the refund for in-policy returns, irrespective of the return reason.
You can’t do this anymore anyway no matter what, they did away with being allowed to deduct return shipping or original shipping.

Were all just here to be in the business of free giveaway apparently and out of our pockets. Amazon is antibusiness and has very questionable and unethical business practices in place at this point. Its bad enough that all returns are basically a money stealing racket when amazon takes the money before you even have an item back. You can’t deduct the original shipping or return shipping so why bother to even make that above statement. Coming up on our last months on here, its becoming impossible.


In some alternate reality this is happening, but definitely not this one =(



There is still a very small percentage of buyers that actually mark the real return reason and the cost of the return label is not included in their refund.

Yesterday, someone opened a return request for “No longer needed” then immediately opened another for the same order as “item defective”, was just another buyer learning how to cheat and amazon helped facilitate it by allowing a second return request to be opened on the same order.


"Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges!
I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!”


The last time I was in Wal-Mart, I saw a guy in his pajamas returning some pajamas.


what big brain thought this was a good idea lollllllll you are already killing us with returns til februrary. yeah lets voluntarily lose more money ha. amazon. youre cute.


talk your ish king!!! the floor is yours!!!


Its only a matter of time before this is NOT optional… We have 5-6 safe t claims a day because Amazon allows it to happen. We win them every time. What does that tell you Amazon???


Um, no. Amazon should pay for the free return of seller-fulfilled goods like they do with FBA. All returns should go to the amazon drop off locations, sorted, then returned to their closest amazon drop off location for pick up. All of it should be free.


I pay NOT to have a free returns badge

Try reducing returns for a change

Every email about free returns pushes me a step towards the exit