ODR Window Change?


It appears the ODR window has changed today - both short and long term now have the same end date (as of today, Nov 7th both are showing Nov 5th).

Anybody else?

Here is what I see:
Long Term ODR: Aug 8 - Nov 5
Short Term ODR: Sept 7 - Nov 5


Me too! I’m freaking out!!!


Whoa! Has there been a change in the way they are calculating A-Z Claims? I went from yesterday at .15% ODR to .5 with them all being A-Z Claims. However, I have had no new A-Z claims…


Pretty new on amazon selling. Can you please explain whats ODR and A-Z claim?


Yep, me too. Same dates on both. Good observation.


Guess what…I bet you’ll never guess…my “closed/denied” AZ claims are now counting again. And I bet yours are too. Just in time for Christmas.



this is crazy…

they have added on about 6 extra claims outside the date range from what i see.

But the UK and europe one is still as the old one and not effected.

They are checking something and yes closed ones showing up too., they must be aware the calculations are all wrong or the system is messed up again


I have emailed support for what it is worth. Really would like to know if this is a policy change or just a mistake. If it is a policy change, I’m probably going to start putting most of my focus off Amazon.


Me too, all the withdrawn AZ claim counting again, but it used don’t, then my ODR changed from 0% to 1.56%

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SAME HERE! All day today I have been checking my dashboard as I check it everyday for defect (I check it three times a day) and I went from 1.06% to 2.95% and there is a banner on my account stating " Your account is at risk of being suspended Your Order Defect Rate is 2.93%; the target is 1%." They are counting all my withdrawn A to Z Guarantee claims. Only 4 of those claims I have lost but they have even included the withdrawn ones. Just praying that I dont loose my account as I love amazon! But I cannot believe they are counting my withdrawn claims. Hope this is a technical glitch :frowning:


Same here… I thought i was the only account going through this. I see I am not alone. Weird that i only have this issue on my CA seller platform


ODR stands for Order Defect Rate. It’s one of the performance metrics Amazon measures sellers by. If you go to the main Seller Central page, and click the ‘Account Health’ link (also on the menu under Performance/Account Health), you can see your ratings. Click View Details under Customer Service Performance.

The target ODR rate is less than 1% and includes negative feedback, A-Z claims, and credit card chargebacks.

A-Z is Amazon’s program that promises buyers they (Amazon) will cover them (buyers) if a seller tries to cheat them, ie ‘We protect you from A to Z’. If a buyer files a dispute, it’s known as an A-Z claim.


Hi CSMART8. Is CA for your Canadian account as well???


YES and my A-Z went from 3 to 6 claims, without any new claims submitted! Send all emails to jeff@amazon.com. This is unacceptable!


I emailed jeff. Heads should roll for this snafu.


WTH!!! I had none. Now I have 2 A to Z hits showing up . Both A to Z claims I won in my favor, now they count? That’s BS. I already had a at risk notification over a cancellation rate mishap a couple weeks ago. This is nuts. It’s always something…SMH


me too! Mine went from 0.25% to 1.66% today, and all denied claims counted.

I sent mail to seller performance team, if they don’t respond, I might have to send to Jeff, too.

So frustrating during such a season. Hopefully this would clear up soon.


Thank you sent the email to Jeff right away. This is so crazy !


It kept changing on my end earlier from under 1% to 2% and they are counting closed claims this has to be a glitch… but I guess we will all just have to wait this out as the company is providing no update to us…


I also emailed Jeff. I hope heads DO roll over this. This is Unacceptable!