ODR - Account risk of deactivation


Just received an email stating that my ODR was over 1% on the Canada marketplace. I barely sell on the Canada side so a small number of bad reviews/A2Z claims increase dramatically my ODR.

My question is : If my account is deactivated due to my ODR in Canada Marketplace, would it also have an impact (deactivate) my US account as well?

Thank you for your help!


Hello @Fournnnn,

Alberto here with some help. I see that you have a question related to your order defect rate being over the 1% threshold.

If your account gets suspended for order defect, it is not likely that other marketplaces will also be deactivated as these types of enforcements are market specific.

This is not to say you should ignore issues with your Canada marketplace. In fact, you should resolve issues with your business procedures that are leading to your order defect being above the threshold so it does not occur in other marketplaces. If your procedures are not working in one marketplace it is common for the same issues to arise elsewhere.

It is always recommended to keep a close eye on your health performance to ensure it is in good standing. Pertaining specifically to order defect rate, you will find this page helpful to understand it in more detail and to monitor it closely.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to respond to this thread if you have any additional questions or concerns. The forums community will always be happy to help.