Odd shippig allowances


I sell books on Amazon, and lately I’ve been receiving shipping allowances of $3.13, or some simllar odd amount. Some of my older listings get an allowance of $2.99, or something similar. Do I need to do anything about this? Any idea why the allowances have changed?
Thanks in advance for your help.


Did you recently change to being a professional seller? Or, if a pro seller already, recently adjust your shipping templates?

Pro sellers set their own shipping rates via shipping templates, and you can set your rates as $x.xx per pound. Then, if a buyer orders something with 12 ounces listed as the shipping weight on the product page, Amazon will charge them 3/4 (because 12 ounces is 3/4 of 1 pound) of whatever price you set to charge per pound.

So if you set $3.59 per pound, the shipping charge would show up as $2.70 ($3.60 x 0.75)

The other case where you could see weird numbers for the shipping charge is on orders where a buyer ordered multiple items. If Amazon charges $5.99 per order (for instance) and the buyer orders 2 items, the charges might be broken down and assigned as $3.79 to the first item and $2.20 to the second.


If you are a pro seller check your templates.

It sounds like they might be weight-based? (Not a good idea for books.)


Thanks for the replies, but they didn’t answer my question. I used a template from Amazon, but the fees aren’t weight-based.


When you have an order where the shipping is off – check that SKU. See which template is applied. Then look at that particular template.