Odd shipment not received problem


I’ve had an occasional shipment delivered but never received at an FBA warehouse in the past, but this is an odd one. Three separate shipments (single box each, different products) to LGB8 went out at different times over a 1 day span, and were delivered by UPS at the same time, 11pm on June 25th. Nothing happened after that. There is very little chance that the boxes were anywhere close to the same position in the trailer after traveling 1000 miles and through a couple of hubs. Makes me wonder if a) the trailer is sitting in the yard, or b) the trailer burned, or c) the trailer was hijacked, or d) there was massive theft, or e) ???.

The date on which it can be reconciled keeps getting pushed back. Haven’t tried to open a separate case because that is usually counter-productive as the reconciliation will produce another case. Not sure there is anything that can be done, but I’m open to ideas.


It appears Amazon is having

We received the below email from Amazon Vendor Central this morning regarding shipments to the West Coast. It looks like they are having difficulties handling the volume into these locations (not to mention they are a virus hot spot).

Perhaps they are routing your shipment or it is just sitting there until they can get to it. Unfortunately you will just have to be patient.

Hello from Amazon Supply Chain,

As we continue to focus on maximizing our inbound supply chain operations, you may see changes in your PO shipment destinations.

In order to balance our inbound receive volumes, we are redirecting some POs from our West Coast Fulfillment Centers to our East Coast and Midwest Fulfillment Centers. These redirects are currently expected to continue through mid-September. We will provide further updates if that timeline shifts.


I am a Vendor also, so got that e-mail as well. The crazy thing is that they’ve been doing it to us for months! We used to get 3 to 5 large POs per week, all to West Coast DCs. Now we get 40 to 90 POs per week, with totals the same as the old large ones, and they go all over the country. I just took a look, and it appears to have started in January, pre-Covid. Crazy how much they’ve increased their shipping cost in the process. So, for us at least, this e-mail was way behind the times.


Today they pushed the reconciliation date out to August 20, which would be 49 days after delivery, still haven’t been checked in.


My oldest package was delivered on the 14th of July and I could reconcile on the 8th of August but now I just checked and I can’t reconcile until the 8th of September. I don’t have anything to sell on my account unless this stuff gets checked in. Amazon is just robbing me know with Fee’s while I have nothing to sell because it is all stuck in delivered status!