November 11 holiday


is tomorrow a postal holiday? the USPS website is not showing it, only it does for next year, but other websites are showing this year. I’m almost certain it is but want to make sure.


There is no ability to schedule a pickup for USPS tomorrow, so I suspect postal holiday


Yes it is a postal holiday and my expected ship dates reflect it.

2019 holidays

November 28
Thanksgiving Day
December 25
Christmas Day

2020 holidays

January 1
New Year’s Day
January 20
Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
February 17
Washington’s Birthday (observed)
May 27
Memorial Day
July 3*
Independence Day (observed)
September 7
Labor Day
October 12
Columbus Day
November 11
** Veterans Day**
November 26
Thanksgiving Day
December 25
Christmas Day


From the USPS home page (at the bottom):

Upcoming USPS Holidays
USPS will be closed in observance of Veterans Day on Monday, November 11th.

But my local office has a sign stating that mail will be picked up from blue boxes around town. Go figure?


Armistice Veteran’s Day has been a Postal Holiday since long before the Fedz’ 70s’ rollout of the Monday Holiday Initiative -let us hope that such remains true in perpetuity.

Now if we jarheads could just find a way to have the USMC Birthday (10 November) gain the same status, we’d all of us really be cookin’ with gas…


yes in that column it says 2020… why I wanted to make sure, but I do see it is on the home page now.


Falls on the exact same date every year (Nov 11) and has always been a federal holiday since implemented which means it is a postal holiday.


We get USPS daily scheduled pickups and on the day before holidays they always ask if
we’ll be open and if we want a pickup and they’ll put us on the list.

No Mail delivery, but they’ll pick up from us tomorrow so we can still ship USPS.

Next time ask if there’s anyone doing pickups and if you can be put on the list.


Thank you for your service! All members of all services! I salute YOU! :heart::us:


Semper Fi! I ALWAYS take the 10th off, no matter a holiday or not!


Tell me about it, the 10th should be a national holiday along with every other branches birth date! Semper Fi and a happy belated birthday


Actually we got a notification if we had more than 20 packages USPS would pick up at our facility on Veterans Day. You had to fill out the paper and give to regular mail carrier to receive this service. I was informed USPS put on extra people to pick up large pick up orders.


I just got a mail pick up, but the USPS person reminded me it wouldn’t go out until 4 am. tomorrow.


We just got picked up :wink:


Great Because The Cabin is Snowed In…At least a foot of Snow. May take all day tomorrow to Dig Out…


I think it depends on your business, we have pick up on just about every Monday holiday. No Christmas or Thanksgiving but the rest we do.


Stay safe, my friend, and have some snow cream for me if y’all can - and a Happy Veteran’s Day to you and yours, Cabin.


Right back at ya, folks, and to all other members of our Seller Community who proudly have served in the Finest Organization in all of Recorded History (our friends @old_marine, @Teufel_Hunden, @Teufel_Hunden1, @BookLobster, @Sprinkler_Buddy_by_R, and many more), or have family members who did (@99_VOLTS and many more), and to all other Marines, past & present, as well.

On such an auspicious occasion as Veteran’s Day, let us also not forget the exemplary service provided by so many past and present members of the Corps’ Baby Sisters, our Subsidiary Branches (:wink:) - the United States Navy, the United States Army, the United States Air Force, and the United States Coast Guard.


SEMPER FI!! Happy Birthday USMC!!