Notification on new product types and attributes


In the month of January, we introduced new product types and attributes to improve your product detail pages. To view what product types and attributes were launched please refer to our Help page.

When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types in Seller Central when classifying your product in the Add a product tool and when selecting the appropriate template to download via Add a product via upload.

These changes will not affect your existing selection but you can provide these additional attributes by editing your products via Manage Inventory or by updating your listings in bulk.



There is incorrect dimensions in the new bullet points above the original bullet points on one of my products. I added the correct dimensions a few weeks ago, however the incorrect dimension persists. The new bullet points appear to really hurt the customer experience. The information is duplicate info already in bullets and one of the most critical, the dimensions, is incorrect and does not match the actual dimensions, which is causing customer confusion.

I have a case open with support, however, as brand owner, I should be able to make the update. If support cannot make the update, is there a way that I can make the update?



Can we get a list of just the new ones? The help file doesn’t contain one.


I have issues every time there is an update. Amazon bots changes attribute fields that the I’m blocked from updating to correct. After daily pursuance and after up to 60 cases, one to two months later it gets fixed. Then a new product types and attributes are placed into production and it changes the same attributes again. Listings mage inactive and inventory suspended. AMAZON, SELLERS NEED A PATH TO BE ABLE TO UPDATE ANYTHING ON ANY LISTING WE ARE BRAND OWNER OF.



I fully concur with the above sentiments.
Even tho I am not brand registered, It’s so frustrating when I create a listing, and then notice a mistake I made the next day. Think I’m allowed to fix the mistake? NO WAY. And, if I open a case, we have the whole circus of tryhing to prove that the listing is mine…even tho I made it, and I’m the only seller on it.

It’s rediculous.


There is a bug in the system that should be fixed ASAP about the coordination between new feed_product_type values and GTIN exemptions.
For example, the feed_product_type value for basic cell phone cases changed from “wirelessaccessories” to “cellularphonecase”. When we use the new value, our GTIN exemption doesn’t work. Obviously we are still exempt, it is the same category however they probably assign exemption category through feed_product_type on the backend and it is not updated there to the new value of “cellularphone”
When I try to report this basic bug that is ruining our new listing management through seller support, I immediately find myself in the infinite loop of months long forwarded irrelevant policy links or unread forwarded conversations.
I hope a mod would fix or report the issue to relevant team after reading this.


Why not just classify everything as pesticides and save everyone the time?


What a nightmare this has become, Amazon is changing product type attributes on a daily basis, leading to horrible customer experiences, variation theme issues, parent-child abandonment, suppression, and in typical fashion we as sellers are provided little to no support which leads to a positive resolution. Why would Amazon change a sports apparel product to a cellular phone case or a baseball product to a Bra?


Wow, just Wow. Who is overseeing this new update?
We just got over 600 ‘complete your drafts’ page for listings that already have the information entered. Also experiencing several glitches asking to fill in information that is already there as well as problems with the product brand. When going into the Edit Listing Detail Page even though the brand of the product saved reflects the catalog page it is now assigning a random value.
Also, with this new update, I do not know if it’s coincidence but as of last Friday we are having terrible Automate Pricing problems were several listings are frozen and the rules are not working.
Seller Help team seems to be getting worse by the day.
Any one else experiencing similar problems? Any other problems we should be aware of?


Only support can. Open case with call me now and insist on speaking to captiva team.

  1. They likely are NOT our detail pages. They are Amazon controlled pages for the most part. We are just allowed to list on them.

  2. Clarify – are the product types and attributes actually related to real product or to the category Amazon has an ASIN assigned to?
    Example: B006VYYJII
    the actual product being sold is Paper Clips. The classification for this “product type” is the following:

However we are receiving a Product Type error because Amazon has this listing under Beauty

The error is – The item_id data provided matches ASIN B006VYYJII, but is different from what’s already in the Amazon catalog: product_type (Merchant: ‘’ / Amazon: ‘LIP_COLOR’)

So what is correct? Use the product type based on the category Amazon has the ASIN under or what the product actually is?

No help needed for this issue on our part…we’ll refrain from listing on this as we are NOT going to use Lip Color as the product type for a paper clip. Just not in our nature to.

Just asking for a friend – what’s the correct product type to use in cases like this (of which there are hundreds). Thanks.


I’ve been having the same problem we are a brand owner I contacted brand support with no help. Currently, one of our products which is one of our most popular ASINs is down.


One of our traps that is designed for insects is now saying that it’s designed to target birds and bats. This information is incorrect and harmful for a number of reasons, and when I’ve asked Seller Support to remove the information, they have told me to update the attribute with an inventory file. But there is no “Target Species” attribute in this product category’s inventory file. Extremely frustrating!