Notification of new Product Types and template changes


What is changing?

From July 30, 2021 to November 1, 2021, Amazon is launching new Product Types across XSDs worldwide. The goal is to enable enhanced product search and a simplified product overview by surfacing key product information in a structured format at the top of product detail pages instead of unstructured bullet points. This will help customers to read through the top product specifications, evaluate key differences between products and make purchase decisions quicker.

This change will be carried out in two phases. For each phase, Amazon will send communications in advance to allow you to make necessary changes in your system. The first communication will provide the Product Type list along with the corresponding XSD category. The second communication will contain the updated templates for Custom and XSD files.

This is the first communication for the first phase of Product Types being launched on 30 July, 2021. You will receive the second communication for this phase by 20 June, 2021.

he Product Types list and corresponding XSD categories included in the first phase can be viewed at

Which marketplaces are affected?

This change applies to all marketplaces.

Who is affected?

Developers with applications that upload and update product listings using feeds based on the category-specific inventory file templates and XSDs are affected by this change.

What action is required?

If you have an application that is affected by this change, be sure to adjust your application workflow on the category-specific file templates and XSD templates that will be shared in our next communication.

If you are not responsible for the development of the integration, we recommend that you forward this message to a member of your software development team responsible for the integration or contact the developer via their customer support.

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