Notice policy warning-Infringement type: Counterfeit


I just received a policy warning:


We received a report from a rights owner that you are listing counterfeit products. Sellers on are not allowed to create listings or detail pages for counterfeit goods.

We removed the content listed at the end of this email. We may let you list this product again if we receive a retraction from the rights owner. Their contact information can be found below.

– Brian Parks

If the rights owner agrees to retract their complaint, they must send the retraction to us at

Infringement type: Counterfeit

I contacted the right owner to retract their complaint, but the email address does not exist. I tried email him twice, but it show “address not found” (you message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t found. What should i do now, please help.

Thank you.


Search for a company called and call them on the phone.


Here you go:

It appears that this is a company that a manufacture or supplier would utilize in order to police their brand on 3rd party marketplaces. The email address is probably done that way on purpose.


Did Amazon just send you a notification that the complaint has been retracted?

If so, you are welcome.


Not yet, anyway thanks for all the reply.


Reading the facebook forums, it sounds like these 3pm.ia complaints should be retracted…

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