Not Selling - could use some input Please


My items are unique. I have only sold 1 or 2 items and it has been a few months at least. I would love some suggestions. I am selling in Amazon Handmade. Never asked for feedback on this page. Hopefully it will show my store. Was looking into FBA but need to get scanners and it seems very detailed. I really want to make a go of this. Any input would be appreciated. Thank You!!


You might have more luck in the handmade forum. Accessing The Locked Handmade Community Update


I am not selling any handmade product but I can relate to your problem even though its not in the same category. Maybe this product is not what you expected to be, try another one and have as many product as your expense can go. revise your listing, eye catching picture, analyse your market and see what your competition is doing ETC

hope it help and have a good one