"Not in buy box"


Running into the most frustrating situation that is now going on for almost a month and costing us thousands in sales. The promotions being run on our listings are no longer displaying and our product is drifting further away from the front page after spending thousands of dollars to promote it to the front pages. After investigations we noticed the advertisement campaign status for our products is “Not in buy box” which means that the promotion will not run. However we dominated the buy box for months and currently own the buy box now. What is more our seller central dashboard agrees with the campaign status, showing another seller owning the buy box. Go to the listing page and there we are winning the buy box. How can the advertisement campaign and inventory dashboard both be wrong??

We contacted Support and they refreshed the listing numerous times. One of the refreshes worked and our sales came back. A few hours later sales stopped and we were back in the same boat; ad status - Not in buy box, inventory shows losing buy box, listing page shows us winning the buy box. We created a new advertising campaign but the problem persists.

Any ideas how to combat this? Support, after more than a week of follow up, is now forwarding the case to a “specialist”. Seems like there is some hack we can perform on our end to get the advertising campaign to reflect what the listing page shows, we are the buy box winner. BTW we sell SFP and all of these issues started when Seller Performance revoked our SFP privilege, reviewed our response, and restored our privileges a week later.


Everyone has been having this issue since July, Amazon changed the rules, but nobody really seems to know them. For a while I was able to get some boxes from my main competitor, but now if he even has so much as one in stock I can’t get the BB until he sells out, He has worse feedback than me, but he has more feedback total. The items I sell well, and they have for years, but now if a seller has more feedback than me, either lifetime or in the last year they get the BB over me on any item, even if theirs arrives later or is more expensive. My sales have gone into the basement. There should still be some rotation on the BB, but they seem to be shutting sellers out completely. It has even affected sponsored items, and ad campaigns


thanks for replying friend however my experience is the exact opposite. we have controlled the buy box for months. however our promotions are inactive because our advertisement campaign shows status “Not in buy box” for the asin. why is the promotion engine not in sync with the listing page? seller support has reset the listing numerous times but it does not fix the problem. we continue to hold the buy box but the advertising campaign sees otherwise.

frustrating to no end.


I hope you get a solution, whenever Amazon makes changes things don’t work right, and it costs everyone money.


It is like the old Clairol TV add used to say, "Only your hair dresser knows for sure". Now just replace the hair dresser with Amazon. Forget the Buy Box and concentrate on finding new products to sell.

The Buy Box is not a right or a given. It is run by an Algorithm Bot that giveth and taketh away. Sellers seem to enjoy it when they have it, and then complain when they do not. But when a seller is disappointed with the loss of the Box, they seem to forget, another seller is happy with that loss, because it is their gain. :train2:


Problem with many posters is they spend 0.8 seconds reading being eager to respond. We have controlled the buy box for 2 months now.


I’m having the same problem as a registered brand owner, original inventor and sole manufacturer of our two products on Amazon. The product is not sold anywhere else. FBA stock has not changed. I’d love to know what is showing up on the product page when we don’t have the Buy Box. It holds at 100% and then randomly varies down to 75% or a dash every few days.


Can you please help me?
Our product is eligible for buy box. But our sponsored ads showing Not in Buy Box. Even our product matched with Amazon Lowest price. Could you please explain it me why i get this thing?


Unfortunately friend I have not figured out why this is happening. I have a case opened with Amazon to investigate and it is going on 2 months now and the only response I get is, “we are continuing to investigate…”

This is very frustrating.


I wanted to see if anyone found a resolution for this. We’re selling a MAP Pricing Item so all sellers have the same price. For the longest time it was a battle of who had better marketing (ad spend). Now we can’t spend a dime on ads. It says were not in the buy box. We’d been selling this product for 18+ months purely on ads. Haven’t sold a single unit in six weeks now.

Any assistance would be appreciated!