Not Getting Paid for 4 Months


Hi all,
We have not been paid by Amazon for the past 4 months (entering the 5th month soon)

Here is our situation:
-We have had sales and every month the balance increases but it does not disburse to our account
-Have called seller support and we get the generic answer of “there needs to be a balance present in case there are any returns”
-After the 3 month of not getting paid we escalated the problem since we wanted to get paid for orders shipped 3 months ago. Seller support did not know which team to escalate it to.
-Then we get a generic email saying we dont know which orders need to be released but we will manually check, and our ticket got closed without a resolution.

So the conclusion is: it is not the balance required for returns as our balance keeps increasing. But other than that we do not know why we are not getting paid.

Has anyone of you experienced this issue before?



This is the executive team. They exist to help when the system fails.

Be clear and concise with your issues.

Put a phone number at the end of your message.


Are you a USA based seller with a USA based bank account?


Yes we are. All accounts and credit cards are up to date.


Yes I went through the same thing. I started selling since July 24th despite only 5 star ratings and no policy or negative feedback, my disbursement kept changing and getting pushed back. I jumped through all of their hoops and it seemed to just get worse. I finally had to contact all Customers whom ordered products from us on Amazon and explain the situation. When you’re a new seller, Amazon is not required by law to abide by the same consumer protection laws set in place when you’re labeled as a professional" or business". No merchant laws and during a pandemic they no we can’t afford to undergo a dragged out legal battle. I’ve written several letters including to their legal department and the federal trade commission.

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What your customers have to do with your issues with amazon ?


@Fig_Pools_Houston I’ll ask as well. What does Amazon paying you have to do with the buyers? Or did not not ship anything to the buyers because Amazon had not paid you. This is not the way Amazon works.


Yes I’ve been well schooled as to the manor in which Amazon conducts it’s business. Call me crazy but as a small business owner for 16 years, I don’t enter into agreements with vendors only to tie up months of cash flow without any notice of good reason. If that’s how Amazon conducts it’s business then I want no part of it


@Fig_Pools_Houston Funny, because you entered into an agreement with Amazon. Even better is when you get a business buyer that gets to pay net 30.


I have experienced the same issues. I began selling on 8/21, after 20 plus emails and attempted escalations I finally received part of my money. I had a scheduled payout today but the balance that was to be paid out magically disappeared just like before. I did still have a bezos claim from previous issues so I emailed them, still waiting to hear. These practices are terrible. I am looking into how to file a complaint with the US Attorney General as I don’t understand how this is legal, it is absolutely unethical. I don’t know how they have achieved such success with these practices.


You are 40 days on amazon platform…and already emailed over 20 emails?
Maybe you should spend some time to learn how/when amazon pays…


I did and that is what it took to get answers. So if need be, I would email 40 emails in 40 days. The fact is it should not take action like this to get results.


@Joeys_Collectibles Repeatedly opening the same cases will get you suspended from Amazon.


Please let us know as well as we would be interested in joining you when filing a complaint with the US Attorney General. We agree with you that these practices are not right


stop selling immediately as they will keep all the money if you are ub review, I am having the same problem since april…i soild for a month trying to do a review and nothing happened 43k worth they say they are keeping…


Why did you contact the buyers? Did you ship the products to the customers?



We meet the same issue, what happened then?