Not getting paid by AMAZONPAY


Hello. I cant find a phone number to get support. Our main website is setup to accept amazon payments. We see the transactions but no funds are posting to our account. I need help identifying where payments are being sent. Please advise


Most of Amazon does not have phone support. You may wish to go to your Amazon Pay account and open a case.


Please how did you resolve this issue? I am having the same problem now. Please help


We are having the same problem, say they have transferred funds to our account which they have done many times before, but the payment has not been received by my bank. say the transaction is complete but it isn’t. I have now opened a case in the hope that Amazon will find my money and transfer it to the correct account.


did you ever receive your payment? I have a similar issue and they haven’t replied nor am I able to login to me account


Hi Kingsingh4 - yes I have now received my payout. Amazon had deleted my bank details because they said they were wrong - the bank details were not wrong, we had been using this account for over 2 years. Anyhow after a lot of messing around we added new bank details which has sorted it.

I hope you get your problem sorted.


Hi Briapartnership,I have a similar problem,but Amazon said that they did finish the transferred funds,I open case everyday,but they give me the same answer;I contact payneer,but they said that they can not track the Transfer tracking number,what should I do?The payment is dates of 4th Feb,18 days passed


Hi Lifashion,
Check your bank details are still correct on your account. We had to add new bank details as Amazon had deleted them saying the details were incorrect. We then received payment together with the next months payment. Hope this helps