Not getting Buyer Name and Address Line 1 in Order Details through MWS


Not getting Buyer Name and Address Line 1 in Order Details through MWS

We are fetching order details through Amazon MWS but in response we are not getting Buyer Nmae and Address Line 1 which were coming successfully till now, however other details are being fetched successfully.
Please guide us for what should be done to get these details.


You need to apply to be able to access PII data.


Can you guide me on the process of how to apply for access to PII data?


The FAQ posted above says:

12. What if I need a different level of Amazon MWS access?

Access decisions are made based on the information that you provide in the Developer Registration and Assessment form, but we will consider appeals on a case-by-case basis. If you believe that we misunderstood your form, or that the Amazon MWS updates will materially impact the application functionality that you provide under the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy, please respond to your Developer Registration and Assessment formsupport case at least five business days prior to your adjustment date and ask for an “Appeal Request”. Please clearly state the reason for your request and offer a detailed description of the application functionality that is impacted by the updates.

If you need help meeting the requirements, the FAQ says:

8. Can I hire someone to help me meet the requirements described in the Data Protection Policy?

Yes. The AWS Partner Network is a resource that might be of assistance.

If you want to have an off-line discussion with me, you can send me a private message on this forum.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
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