Not allowed to cancel SFP orders at customer's request?


Did the 5 customer cancellation requests you received come through on Amazon emails “Order cancellation request from Amazon customer…” or did they come through on some other email subject title within the Amazon system?


They came through the Amazon messaging system under the headline “cancellation request.” I’ve cancelled hundreds of SFP orders like this through the years with no issues. I sent screenshots of all 5 buyer requests in my appeal. SFP Performance responded with a link to the policy that states we are not to cancel orders and should direct customers to Amazon customer service instead. I’m not sure when they implemented this but it is absolutely senseless


I know you have asked this of @J_H_Discount_Sales but since there has been a bunch of us discussing this across several forum threads, I can answer this question as we have been dealing with the same glitch

YES, customers sent proper cancellation through Amazon messaging with the subject
“Order cancellation request from Amazon customer…”
so J_H_Discount and many other sellers processed the cancellation and subsequently got dinged on SFP eligibility metrics. My metrics were over 2% on SFP cancel rate on one day. I did not get suspended but the metrics were over 0.5% on SFP cancel rate for almost a week.

Amazon stated they are pausing suspensions on the cancellation rate metrics but unfortunately, they were not explicit enough to state if it includes SFP sellers

I am concerned because:

  1. Amazon stated they Paused suspensions on MARCH 20
  2. @J_H_Discount_Sales was apparently suspended after MARCH 20th ( I assume they were suspended on about April 2nd !!! )
  1. Judging from this, I do not feel safe assuming that SFP would be safe from suspensions till I hear some assurances direct from Amazon.


Ok, thanks. The last cancellation request that we received from a customer in the right format while doing SFP was 3/23. That went through fine but it is not current. It doesn’t make sense that Amazon would switch from a smoothly functioning automated system to one that creates more work for them at a time like this. I guess I will just try the old system for the next one we receive and see how it turns out and then deal with any consequences since we have room in the metrics to work with.


I cancelled an order as well and noticed that it shows up as a defect, even though I have received an official cancellation request. I have also e-mailed SFP Performance Team regarding this issue, but received a reply back that we direct “him to contact Customer Service instead of canceling the order yourself. By doing so, you avoid a negative impact on your cancellation rate.”

I think this is one of the more idiotic policies that Amazon has instituted. This just adds more work for the customers and it is not a customer-centric policy at all. Moreover, I feel that some customers will simply lash out at the seller instead, assuming most customers would even read the e-mail in the first place.


Exactly. And what do we do when the customer doesn’t respond to our request to reach out to Amazon directly? Do we ship the item? Cancel it? I’ve been selling on Amazon for a long time and this is by far the most poorly thought out policy that I’ve ever seen.


I had two yesterday that I directed to customer support. Both times customer support send a cancellation request to me just as if the buyer did and one even said in the message that customer support CAN NOT cancel third party seller orders! So guess who had two pissed off customers and two canceled orders… yep this guy.

I feel like the SFP Perfomance team is on lockdown somewhere and we are stuck with other people that normally do other jobs filling in who have no clue what is going on…


I have sent an e-mail to I urge you all to do the same.


I have not experienced this. I did get dinged for one cancellation (internal bug caused cancellation to be completed the day after ship by date). It was an official cancellation (Order cancellation request from Amazon customer…) and I contacted Amazon in the hopes they would annotate.

First response I received from SS confused our response to the customer with the cancellation request the customer sent. They stated title of message wasn’t correct format (We have Cancelled your Order =/= Order cancellation request from Amazon customer…). FACE PALM…Couldn’t believe they could confuse a message from us with the official cancellation request that they buyer did send.

After follow up the second response I received outlined the procedure that is being discussed on this thread. I thought it was the usual inaccurate response from SS and reviewed a bunch of cancellation requests. We have had plenty of SFP cancellation requests in March and April most of which we did cancel and none of which aside from the one (late cancel) above are counting against us. So my metrics say this isn’t happening but the wording on their policies which I also found suggests it should which led me here.

Not sure what to say. I’d suggest reviewing when/how your cancellations were made.

In the past I have seen cancellations count against us despite receiving official cancellation requests and cancelling for “buyer cancellation” or so I thought but the description of 5 in a row is scary.

But again I have just reviewed our actual SFP cancellations from March and April and again only the late cancellation is impacting our metrics.


We’re stuck in this mire now too. I don’t think we’ll be suspended. I’ve canceled tons of SFP orders in the past when they requested a cancellation, with no issue. Now they are starting to count against us occasionally. This seems to be a change, or a glitch. When I messaged customer support, they said that we should direct the customer to contact them after 30 minutes. It’s happening on non prime orders too.


I cancelled 2 sfp orders this weekend that did not affect my metrics.

Whatever is happening to cause these dings seems like some sort of glitch that is not site wide.


Gotta be honest, this is news to me too! Glad I read it here first. Doesn’t really make any sense. I’ll just direct all SFP customers to contact Amazon CS for order cancellations. You can’t really implement this as a reasonable procedure for the rank and file order management person. Is it 30 minutes from the time they placed the order to the time they sent the request or the time you get round to reading the email and processing the cancellation?


It’s the 30 Minutes the item is in pending.
So having the buyer ask customer service cancel it after that does nothing because amazon customer service literally has no way to cancel an order after the 30 pending minutes.
They will just redirect the buyer back to you.

The system has become somewhat broken recently for some sellers…

I cancelled 2 orders this weekend and nothing happend to my metrics

I don’t think the problem is site wide and seems to be affecting only certain sellers accounts.


I cancelled orders for years when sellers requested it and never had a problem. Once day I woke up and was suspended. When I appealed, Amazon sent me a link to their policy which states that we aren’t allowed to cancel orders even when the buyer requests it; we are to send them to Amazon’s customer service. I’m still shocked that this is real.


It doesn’t make any sense because there is no way amazon customer service can remove an order from your list of orders needing to be shipped. It’s simply not possible.

It also doesn’t make any sense that this is not affecting my account unless this is a glitch only affecting some sellers accounts
This is a change that has not affected all sellers accounts yet.


Having this issue as well. It’s causing me to go mad


After contacting SFP-Performance and receiving the first “you must send the customer to customer service” email I replied with screenshots showing that customer service can not cancel an order… I received this non-answer reply.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your efforts to maintain the Seller Fulfilled Prime performance requirements. We are actively working on improving the process to provide the best customer experience. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of this matter. This information will be taken into consideration in future reviews of your account.

I have had a bit that I have canceled that haven’t dinged us so maybe it is just an account glitch…Either way I would recommend reaching out to SFP-Performance.


I opened a help desk ticket on this with screenshots and all and finally received response … Also by coincidence I received a call from my SFP dedicated rep and she confirmed this is the way to handle it

I agree that the recorded orders are compliant as per the Standard Order cancellation procedure, Having said so, the prime metrics calculation is not done as per the ones applied on non-prime orders seller fulfilled orders.

For prime orders, any cancellation initiated from a seller’s end is eligible to be recorded under the Cancellation Rate metrics and there are no exceptions applicable here.
Help page reference :

Having said so, this process design has possibilities of improvement since sellers should not be impacted for order cancellations outside their control and for taking prompt action as per a buyer’s request.

For the same we have kept the Performance team informed of this possible discrepancy. For the current situation, we have received a confirmation that since the given the low total defects, your selling account will not be penalized.

Until this issue is sorted on a business and technical level, it is recommended that you provide screenshots and Order IDs for future concerns directly to the seller fulfilled prime performance team at the below email alias so that Performance team can annotate the account accordingly:


Sounds typical. Three different departments to have to deal with and no clear solution. We will annotate your account doesn’t mean the bot won’t suspend you and it take you two weeks for a human to get involved.

Also why would some count and others not? Just another ploy to provide you with a little fear I guess…

Thanks for sharing your responses.


Amazon’s stated policy regarding cancellation is wrong.

There may be some random and occasional issues that cause Amazon to incorrectly count a given sellers cancellations. This is something that seller support should be able to correct when it happens. However since their policy is written as it is when a support team member reviews the issue they will always refer to this stupid policy “To calculate this metric, we consider all cancellations initiated by you for any reason” and “If a customer cancels an order after 30 minutes, direct them to contact Customer Service instead of canceling the order yourself. By doing so, you avoid a negative impact on your cancellation rate.”

Both of these policies really need to be rewritten and I would encourage sellers to leave feedback and/or make suggestions to Amazon about the policy page included above.

I understand Amazon protects itself by having policies that are vague and allow them to interpret how they want but this one is egregiously bad and needs rewriting. I don’t even think it follows their pattern of security by obscurity; it just seems like one person’s sloppy first draft that went unedited and has become policy.

We all know that despite how this policy is written Amazon does allow sellers to cancel orders and wants them to because it’s good customer service. The key is an official buyer cancellation request must be submitted to avoid performance metrics being negatively impacted. It makes no sense for the posted policy to say anything contradictory AND if there is an issue with metrics calculation it’s important that policy reflect practice which it does not currently. Similarly, instructing sellers to tell customers to contact Amazon Customer Service after the 30 minute pending period is over is wrong and only results in terrible service, frustration and waste from all involved including customers, sellers and Amazon Support. This part of the policy is what really makes it clear to me that the way this is written is an error and not their practice of security by obscurity. The way it’s written is comical it’s so bad.

More clearly written policies are beneficial to all of us in the seller community. Please leave them feedback/suggestions as I have to improve how the cancellation policies are written.