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you are dealing with artificial inelegant (Program). Tray to contact a human and it will be solved.


Amazon can not keep money thats not theirs, doesnt matter what the tos says. Law trumps a Tos.


3P to Amazon relationship is under binding arbitration and ToS.

3P to buyer is not.
An unskilled buyer made the accusation based upon what?

Amazon made a damaging decision based on hearsay from a buyer…


judge jury and executioner all in one.


You will never find out who the customer is. Amazon will fight you in court from obtaining that information. They have all the cards stacked in their favor.


You are woefully uninformed. The TOS - that you agreed to - says Amazon can keep funds AND confiscate product in cases where they have a counterfeit claim.


The most telling part, in the article, is the fact that Amazon itself, is behind the Clara Dufour, test buy account: Account suspended incorrectly for inauthentic complaint:



As a fellow seller, I would never move on from Amazon since this is a great opportunity and avenue to make money.
However, the correct way would be to diversify. Cut your inventory to half and emergency funds should be for 6 months on Amazon, not 3. Also, try eliminating those loans sooner rather than later (once your funds are released). Do not get caught up in those loans, they’ll bury you. Harass them and you’ll get your money bec it’s rightfully yours.
Good Luck!


My thoughts exactly…

I found it interesting to note that a post you made earlier today - regarding it being Best Practice to actually conduct a search of the USPTO databases rather than relying on SERPs that can’t crawl data behind paywalls and/or other types of security - was made in a thread of @raw_books’ that dovetails neatly with similar recent IPR-infringement topics created by @SignalSupport31U & @NoraCharles (among others in this venue & elsewhere, and perhaps this particular thread as well) concerning Amazon’s typical approach (sledgehammers-not-flyswatters) to protecting consumer confidence in its Brand Integrity, and/or its bottom line, despite any short-term impact to the latter.

`Twill soon enough be three years passed since the early successes & settlements in the various EPEG lawsuits apparently prompted Amazon to wield its sledgehammer, in turn prompting the rash of threads on this subject from booksellers that seem likely to soon surpass those attributable to the ones following the gating of Music, and of Video.

I remain rather less than sanguine that there’s any end in sight…


Who are quoting???


Thank you for the information . I sent you a PM.


Contact SEAmod sometimes this cases get in a “glitch bubble” I believe, just need the right person. Make sure your Credit card in your account is active, keep eye on expiration date.


For anyone that wanted an update- still no release on Payment. I missed one loan payment last month (Amazon lending) and will be missing the other ones next week. Down to the last few thousand in my account. Due to them holding a now 100k payment and all of my inventory, I was not able to liquidate. Tried to liquidate whatever inventory I had on hand in my warehouse, but was not able to do it quick enough. I will be filing for bankruptcy at the beginning of next week.


So what has Jeff, Susan, or your law firm been able to do for you? Nothing?


If they do ever release it it will be minus your loan and any other fees from amazon.

At that dollar amount for a 2 week dispersement you would be greatly exceeding the sales of others on here. That is not fair to them and that is more than likely the bias behind why you are being singled out. However, none of us on here know the ENTIRE story with what is going on with your account.

You are being damaged by a possibly false claim from a buyer and your attorney does not see a solution, find another attorney.

If you are so inclined you can operate Pro se in any court.


I would open a case and mark it Urgent, this issue effects my entire business. (there is a check box). Don’t go through all the details, just reference the first case and give a few highlights to let them know the urgency.

Why the rush to file for bankruptcy? Let the bills go unpaid for a bit. It’s bad but it’s not worth dissolving your business over. You don’t file for bankruptcy just because you can’t make a few loan payments. And I don’t understand why you are liquidating your inventory. That doesn’t make much sense to me either.

Good luck.




Contacted everyone multiple times. Jeff, escalation team, captive team, seller performance, seller support, Lending, Amazon payments. Lawyers sent 4 letters in. Insurance company will not help either.

I do believe the counterfeit claim is legit. I buy used books from students and it is extremely difficult to tell if some of these books are counterfeit. I have already pleaded my case to Amazon and the person who filed the claim. One of my employees accidentally let one book slip. This is never intentional. I know exactly who sold this book to my company, so I am considering suing them for damages if I have the funds to do so. The publisher is the one that filed the claim.

I am a month behind on Amazon lending and my other loan is on Auto pay . The best they could do is cut my payments in half, but they are refusing to stop payments. They will be pushing my account the negative by next week. I could wait on bankruptcy, but I am not sure how long Amazon lending or the other lender will hold off before they start taking action.

At the end of the day, I put my business in the hands of an employee and they made a mistake which has almost cost me my business. I really can’t blame anyone but myself on this one.


Not really, this is what happens when you make decisions based upon your PERCEPTION of amazon, not how they really are.

Years ago amazon made all of my top selling products “prohibited”. I had no clue in the world this would ever happen because I made decisions regarding our relationship with amazon base upon perception. Well, I was grossly in error and almost lost my company over that. I did major capital investment to meet demand on here, BAD MOVE.

To make a long story short it has worked out for the better for us.
Amazon is NOT the only game in town, stop drinking the online Kool-aid. A solution will come to you.

Additionally, when you are in bankruptcy court (do not rush into doing that) the trustee will have to do some investigation into what actually did happen. Depending on many issues this could unwrap some of the truth. Even at the $100k level its going to go under the microscope.

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