Non amazon-partnered carriers upload weight and dimensions


Has anyone been successful sending in box content information (dimensions, weights) using MWS for Non amazon-partnered carriers?
I am aware we need to send in a feed POST_FBA_INBOUND_CARTON_CONTENTS but this feed has no mentions of dimensions, nor weight, and NonPartneredSmallParcelPackageInput only TrackingId。What can we do?


Funny. I’ve had the same issue just yesterday. Seems the only way to do it is to use SP partnered call first, switch it to non-partnered and send trucking numbers with switch to shipped.
I haven’t tested it but this strategy may work on non-hazmat shipments. Hazmat shipments will not allow you to do a sponsored call to start with.
But you probably looking for a solution for hazmat.
We couldn’t find the workaround.
So we just put in a bogus box sizes (the same), switch it to complete and send tracking numbers with a call.
Not sure why would Amazon need real box sizes for non-partnered shipments anyway. They are not the ones selling you rates.


Hello, it seems like we have the same issue. Nowhere for us to upload the box weight/dimensions using MWS for Non-Amazon-partnered carriers.
If you have solved the issue would you please share how we can settle it down?
Thank you so much in advance.




I have the same problem. Have you solved it